Monday, June 3, 2019

Summer At Khandroling The Land Of The Dakinis
Buckland, Massachusetts, USA

July through August 2019
Learn and Practice Together with IDC Authorized Instructors


Yantra Yoga Course With Authorized Yantra Yoga
Level II and Level III Instructors 
Nataly Nitsche And Max Leshchenko

Location: Vajra Hall, Khandroling, Buckland, MA, USA
Date: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 12 through July 14, 2019

This is an ideal opportunity if you are new to Yantra Yoga but also if you want to refresh, train or deepen your practice. The course starts training the complete breathing as practiced in Yantra Yoga, using the Harmonious Breathing method, followed by the preliminary sequences of Yantra Yoga

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Summer Sangha Retreat at Khandroling
The Tsegyalgar East 4th Annual Summer Sangha Retreat
at Khandroling the Land of the Dakinis
Buckland, Massachusetts, USA

Come practice with us this summer at Khandroling

Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 28, 2019
Save the dates, we await you!

Learn and practice along with the following authorized International Dzogchen Community (IDC) instructors:

  • Khaita Joyful Dance instructor: Nataly Nitsche
  • Santi Maha Sangha (SMS) instructors: Mariano Gil, Michael Katz and Lynn Newdome
  • Vajra Dance instructors: Bodhi, Kyu Kyuno and Carisa O'Kelly 
  • Yantra Yoga instructors: Paula Barry, Max Leshchenko, Nataly Nitsche and Naomi Zeitz

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Advanced Yantra Yoga Course
with Authorized Third Level Yantra Yoga Instructor Max Leshchenko

Location: Vajra Hall, Khandroling, Vajra Hall, Buckland, MA USA
Date: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, July 29 - July 31, 2019

Daily Schedule:
9:30am-12:00pm; 3:00pm-5:30pm

Familiarity with Yantra Yoga and Transmission required.

Deepening the quality of the practice. We will do the preliminary practices everyday and also learn:

Yantras of the 1st series, to eliminate obstacles related with the five elements.
Yantras of the 2nd series, to eliminate obstacles related to the purification of the 5 aggregates.
*We will learn and practice the basic movement of each these Yantras, and also the movements for training and for progressing, which allow us to increase our capacity of the holdings and find different experiences within them. Some of these movements are more challenging than the basic yantras, and some aren't. We will learn how to train each movement and possible adaptations as well, in a careful and safe way.

Practice of the Rhythmic Breathing “The Four Profound Applications”.
Pranayama of the 1st series “The Four Characteristic Conditions," a fundamental pranayama to train the Kumbhaka.

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Tsegyalgar East 2nd Annual Dance, Dance, Dance
at Khandroling The Land of the Dakinis
Celebrating 30 Years of Vajra Dance 1989 - 2019

Please join us this August, and celebrate the 30th Anniversary of
Rinpoche's first dreams of the Vajra Dance at Khandroling 

Date: August 1 through August 25, 2019
Location: Vajra Hall, Khandroling, Buckland, Massachusetts, USA

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Amanda Pollock studied letterpress printing and rare books at Smith College where she earned a BA in English and Education. She is an active member of Khandroling Paper Cooperative in Conway MA and specializes in handmade paper made from grasses, recycled texts, handmade inks and calligraphy quills.

Amanda is currently offering paper making & lotus flower origami workshops at the Northampton senior center.

Northampton Senior Center course details :

Lotus Flower Origami Workshop
Thursday June 6th 5:30-6:30     Free
Come enjoy the magic of Origami with local hand made paper artist Amanda Pollock. Amanda is offering a free lotus flower workshop at the senior center. This is an easy project that creates wonderful momentos great for gifts and will brighten up your home decor.

Papermaking Workshop (2 day series)
Tuesday June 25th 5:30-7:30
Saturday June 29th 11:00-12:00  $20


It's been a busy winter and spring, but here are a number of course pictures from our much enjoyed courses and practice retreats given by Steve Landsberg and Fabio Andrico back in February and April 2019 respectively.

Chod Practice Retreat with Steve Landsberg
February 22 through February 24, 2019

Kumbhaka, Parlung & Tsalungs of Mandarava with Fabio Andrico
April 21 through April 25, 2019

Yantra Yoga on a  Chair with Fabio Andrico
April 27 through April 28, 2019