Who We Are

TSEGYALGAR EAST  is the location of the North American center for the Dzogchen Community founded by Tibetan Dzogchen master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Now in our 30th year, Tsegylagar East is home to our main administrative offices, dorm and gonpa; a rural retreat center known as Khandroling; and the US cultural organizations Shang Shung Institute of Tibetan Studies and A.S.I.A.

Members of the Dzogchen Community are a diverse and multi-generational group dedicated to practicing in the lineage of Chögyal  Namkhai Norbu.  Practices include Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance, Guru Yoga and many secondary practices to meet different circumstances.

We are located at 18 Schoolhouse Road in Conway, MA in the old Conway grammar school, an historical building in the town.


P.O. Box 479
18 Schoolhouse Rd.
Conway, MA 01341

Phone: 413-369-4153
Fax: 413-369-4473
Secretary: secretary@tsegyalgar.org
Gekös: geko@tsegyalgar.org

OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Thursday, 11:00 AM-4:00 PM

Current Gakyil:

Ed Hayes at

Anna Bartenstein

Vern Harrington at vern@thayerstreetassociates.com
Alex Dagett at alex.daggett@printmgmtinc.com>

Joe Zurylo at jzurylo@yahoo.com
John Foster (Clerk) at fostercab@gmail.com

Jim Valby North American SMS coordinator, jimvalby@gmail.com


Contact: gakyil@tsegyalgar.org 

Dzogchen Community STAFF:
Harold Graves, secretary at secretary@tsegyalgar.org For all membership, program, retreat, and general inquires
Tom Clarke acting gekod at geko@tsegyalgar.org
for karma yoga, dormitory, and personal retreat and dark cabin reservations

ASIA America
PO Box 124 96 18 Schoolhouse Road, Conway, MA 01341
Phone 001 96 (413) 369 4153 

US Contact, Andrea Nasca
Email: andreamnasca@yahoo.com

Shang Shung Institute of America — International Institute for Tibetan Studies

P.O. Box 278 Conway, MA 01341
Telephone: 413-369-4928
Fax: 413-369-4473
Bret Bourman, secretary: secretary@shangshung.org
SSI Office Hours:
9AM – 5PM Monday through Friday
Walk In: 11AM – 2PM Tuesday and Thursday

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