Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Review by Jacqueline Gens of Enlightened Vagabond: The Life and Times of Patrul Rinpoche Published in Levekunst

To read the full review visit Levekunst

Enlightened Vagabond
The Life and Teachings of Patrul Rinpoche
Collected and Translated by Matthieu Ricard
Edited by Constance Wilkinson
Shambhala Publications
Boulder, 2017, 282 pages

His (Patrul's) self-deprecating humor and keen intellect combined with a vast heart pierce the human yearning for authenticity amid the sorrows of sentient life. His words go beyond poetic conceits and cultural baggage. In any case, I have remained wildly enthusiastic about the works of Patrul Rinpoche for decades now. The current publication is a much awaited event to carry his mindstream further into the 21st century. If you are unfamiliar with his work, you’re in for a special experience when coming into contact with him. Please read him. If he is an old heart friend, Enlightened Vagabond will not disappoint! -Jacqueline Gens

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An interview with editor Constance Wilkinson is in the works....coming  soon!

Khandroling Paper Cooperative Two-day Workshop to Make Lanterns

Origami Lantern
Photo by Sheryl Jaffee

Khandroling Paper Cooperative located at 18 Schoolhouse Rd. in Conway, MA in the basement of the yellow schoolhouse invites you to join us for a pre-holiday 2-Day Workshop to make a variety of lanterns with your own handmade paper.

Saturday, November 4 - Part 1 with Sheryl Jaffe to make your paper

Saturday, November 18 - Part 2 with Brenda Lilly to make your lamps including an origami vase

In this two-day workshop you will learn how to make beautiful translucent papers with flecks of natural fibers. Then learn how to fold your paper into beautiful origami lanterns that can sit on your window and illuminate your evening with sunlight transformed.

Come and make paper to hold some light. A solar light in your window, make the paper from plants, bring the sun into your living room after dark. The solar lamp will offer warmth and inspiration for the way of light. The paper will hold it. Design your own with our guidance, for fun and light.

A members show on the theme of Light will be on view in the back foyer of the yellow schoolhouse from November 11-December 31, 2017. Opening reception TBA

For further information visit our blog at or call Jacqueline at 413-522-1125 to pre-register or write

Recommended donation $75 for both days or by donation according to your circumstances.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Anasuya Weil publishes B is for Buddha: An Enlightened Alphabet Book

Anasuya Weil - a graduate of the first class of Tibetan Medicine from Shang Shung Institute at Tsegyagar East, is a grandmother of five children, biological mother of three and surrogate parent for at least three others.

She lived in India for two years, a Buddhist practitioner since 1971, and experienced the great fortune to study with many amazing Buddhist teachers and lamas. The teachings of the Buddha have been a refuge and support. Her root Guru is Neem Keroli Baba and his kindness towards all has always been an inspiration. Anasuya currently practices Tibetan medicine in Northampton, MA.

She writes: 

The idea of this book came to me while I was sitting a six week silent retreat. It was intended as a Christmas gift to my grandchildren. Although I have practiced Buddhism since I was 19, for many years I did not call myself Buddhist. It seemed that it was enough to be a good person and I wanted my children to have the freedom to choose their own belief or religion. As I got older I became more open to using that terminology because I follow the Buddhist path and because I wanted my children to have clarity about my own choice. It is certainly not necessary to be a "Buddhist." We all want our children to be happy, healthy, caring human beings that contribute to society and find meaning in their lives. How can we help that happen? 

--To read more and hear readings by Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzburg and Lama Surya Das, go here

Friday, September 15, 2017

3rd Series of Yantra Yoga & The Pranayama of the Secret Breathing for Directing the Prana into the Central Channel or Humkara, at Tsegyalgar East, with Yantra Yoga Instructor Naomi Zeitz

On the weekend of September 23rd and 24th, Yantra Yoga instructor Naomi Zeitz, will be teaching the first of three Yantra Yoga fall weekends starting with the 3rd Series of Yantra Yoga & the Pranayama of the Secret Breathing for Directing the Prana into the Central Channel or Humkara. 

Transmission is required

The course will take place at the Schoolhouse Gonpa, 18 Schoolhouse Rd, Conway, MA 01341.

Saturday: 9:30am-noon; 3:30pm-6pm
Sunday: 9:30am -noon

$75/full course; $30/session

Register and pay online

**All fees are suggested donations only. Those who are able to, please pay the full fee in support of the Teachings and Tsegyalgar East's operational costs. Those unable to pay suggested amount will not be turned away for lack of funds.

This course focuses on the yantras and the pranayama of the third series, the Secret Breathing for Directing the Prana into the Central Channel. We will extensively practice additional breathing techniques along with the preliminaries of Yantra Yoga to prepare for the movements and the pranayama. Simple modifications for the yantras will be offered to those who need it. 

The 3rd series is a wonderful series and is not too physically challenging, and works with the 5 emotions which is very beneficial.

Movements and functions:
  • Bow - To eliminate obstacles related to being dominated by attachment.
  • Half Moon - To eliminate obstacles related to being dominated by hatred.
  • Lion - To eliminate obstacles related to being dominated by ignorance. (Good for students of Santi Maha Sangha)
  • Vulture - To eliminate obstacles related to being dominated by pride.
  • Triangle - To eliminate obstacles related to being dominated by jealousy.
Experience with the preliminary series of Yantra Yoga important. There will not be time to teach the preliminaries and they are essential for working with the later series and pranayamas. 

Naomi is a second level Yantra Yoga instructor authorized in 2008 and again in 2010 by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. She has taught throughout the US, in Canada, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Israel and Venezuela. Naomi is known for her gentle and precise methods, her humor and her capacity to transmit the powerful and profoundly beneficial methods of Yantra Yoga. She specializes in breathing training and working with people of all ages and physical conditions.