Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Easter Egg Romp in the Gonpa

Yesterday, local kids and parents from the Dzogchen Community engaged in an old fashioned easter egg hunt throughout the Tsegyalgar East schoolhouse (after first coloring the eggs). Several people asked why we were engaging in such rituals.

The main response is that our growing group of children from the Dzogchen Community are members of a larger culture where such holidays like Easter and Passover are universally celebrated. So don't be shy next time---these events are fun and the kids love nothing more than romping about the gonpa and building forts from meditation cushions while the adults engage in their own activities.

Yesterday, while the kids vacillated from screaming to making monster eggs, the grown-ups watched the 2nd International Dzogchen Dance Competition from Tashigar Sur. And the winner is ????. We couldn't hear the results but the judges looked as professional as any on "American Idol." The next International Dzogchen Community Dance competition will take place here at Tsegylagar East in 2014. Please leave a comment if you know yesterday's winner!

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