Monday, May 4, 2015

Yantra Yoga Instructor Naomi Zeitz and Santi Maha Sangha Base Instructor Lynn Newdome Collaborate for an Online Course on Kumbhaka and the 7th Lojong

[Photo compliments,The Mirror]

On April 18th-19th, Naomi Zeitz and Lynn Newdome presented a joint course on Kumbhaka and the 7th Lojong.

The 7th of the Seven Mind Trainings presented in The Precious Vase are the three trainings in Meditative Stability in the State Beyond Thought. The text presents three types of practice, training in the state through pleasure and emptiness, through clarity and emptiness and training in the ultimate nature of reality (bar rlung).

In order to apply these three practices one must have some mastery of kumbhaka. So to this end, this course will focus on the theoretical aspect of kumbhaka, and more importantly the application of the methods of Yantra Yoga that help us to understand and apply Kumbhaka.

Over 20 people attended the course online.

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