Monday, January 11, 2016

Year of the Fire Monkey Losar Schedule at Tsegyalgar East

Original art by Ingmar Pema Dechen

Ho you Fire Monkey
Adorable Familiar of blessed places
Resourceful, enchanting
Cunning when need be
Your chatter can flatten the dolts of ignorance
When you take charge in a carpe diem kind of way
Your Ballast of confidence
Lifts our spirits
Seer of the future
Interlocutor to lost opportunities
Let’s take to heart
The ease of your swing from here to there
Always awake in the fire.

Jacqueline Gens
Tsegyalgar East, 2016

Losar and Pre-Losar activities at the Schoolhouse

Sunday February 7 
4:00 pm Learn to make Divination soup and assist Yeshe-la if you like
6:00 pm Divination soup! **Please RSVP to by
January31 at 12 pm if you are planning to attend so we know how many dumplings to make.

Monday February 8
6:00 pm New Moon Ganapuja
7:30 pm Demystifying SMS

Tuesday February 9 ( Losar ) Fire Monkey Year🐒
7:00 am Long Life Practice
8:00 am Breakfast 
5:00 pm Pot luck dinner and Pagchen

Thursday February 11
9:00 am Lungta raising

We could use a couple of strong volunteers in particular to help set up ladders and hang Lungta. Please help by donating soup ingredients (beef, lamb, chicken) contact to arrange

Tashi delek and Happy Losar to all!

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