Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Joan Casey of Bellingham, WA dies April 12, 2016

Here at Tsegyalgar East we recently heard that Joan Casey, a long time devoted student of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu was critically ill. We were in the process of dedicating an organized group practice session as individuals who knew her continued to practice for her. She was affiliated with our Berkeley, CA Dzogchen Community, Dondrubling.

However, we are sad to report that our friend, Vajra Dancer, and long-term Dzogchen community member, passed away this morning. Her husband John communicated that Joan was so very happy to know the community were practicing for her. He was also able to  put the Samantabhadra mandala around her neck. These are his words….

"Sadly, this will be the final report on Joan's health, because she has now failed, and the end of her life has come about 9AM this morning. Her blood oxygen level had dropped below 80% despite being on a ventilator at 100% oxygen. Her damaged lungs were incapable of sustaining her life without permanent damage to her brain and other vital organs. Under these circumstances, Joan did prefer dying peacefully and pain-free to being kept artificially alive.”

Joan’s dear old friend and Dzogchen community member, Nora, was with her along with her husband John. Please add our sister Joan to any practices, prayers and Xitro.

With gratitude for this precious transmission.

[Joan on her balcony at sunset]

{The above message is thanks to Erica Rayner-Horn]

My own recollections of Joan go back many years when we were first practicing with Lama Tsultrim Allione and the newly formed New York Dzogchen Community. In the early 1990's Joan's mother died and we did extensive Xitro practice for her with Lama Tsultrim at Tara Mandala in Valley Cottage, NY experiencing many remarkable signs. Joan was an ardent and accomplished practitioner as well as a supportive Vajra sister. About a year ago she corresponded with me about creating a more senior friendly environment for practitioners in their final years, an interest we shared.  Many blessings to her on her vast journey towards realization--Jacqueline Gens

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