Thursday, July 7, 2016

Visiting Lower Khandroling Farm

The other day at our picnic on upper Khandroling we were gifted with vats of raspberries from Lower Khandroling's farm coop now ripening. So on July 4th, our American Independence Day, I embarked at the height of midday to pick some. Little did I know that I would be stuck in the honking cacophony of blaring fire truck horns and whirling police sirens in a parade to celebrate this holiday. I imagine that the kids were enthralled or utterly terrified on the sidelines of the parade on the shoulders of parents and in strollers.  For my own part, I enjoyed integrating with the harsh sounds of alarm.  

Approaching the turnoff to East Buckland Road, the scent of new moan hay was in the air as my windows were rolled down due to the fact my vintage 1995 Civic Honda has no air-conditioning. 

The first thing I noticed when arriving at that peaceful East Buckland Road farm residency of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu was a very flourishing Hugelkulture bed planted by Nary Mitchell established near the raspberry rows.

This bed built on a mound of debris exuded fertility in a riot of vegetable plants that we hope to replicate on upper Khandroling with the left-overs from the clear cut forestry debris from a couple of years ago. 

So come out to the farm to pick berries or work with Nary who is out there most days. You can let him know a day in advance through our Geko Jeremy at

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