Saturday, November 26, 2016

News from the Tsegyalgar East Gakyil

Dear Vajra Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings and Happy Holidays from the Tsegyalgar East Gakyil. We are writing to share an update on Happenings at the Gar in recent months, a clarification on Community List Serv CommunicationsTsegyalgar East/West Dzamling Gar House, and a preview of Programming Plans for the 2017 Year.

Happenings at the Gar

A brief description of recent news at the Gar:

  •  This fall has been marked by the passing our Vajra Brother Nary Mitchell. Nary devoted so much of his time and energy and presence to our Gar and we are forever grateful for his heartfelt work and contributions to the Schoolhouse and the Khandroling Land. A fuller tribute and beautiful words about Nary and his life are available to read here.
  • Our Precious Master’s Birthday is on December 8th. A full description of events for the day are available here. Let’s come together and celebrate the long life of our Master!
  •  We send a hearty congratulations to our Vajra Brother, Ed Hayes, who was just authorized last week in Dzamling Gar to teach Vajra Dance!
  • The Gakyil has been collaborating with our Vajra Brother in Kansas City, Ed Matheny, to develop a grant application for replacing the Schoolhouse roof and constructing an accessibility ramp. A little background: the city of Conway adopted the Community Preservation Act in 2004, which is a special fund that may be used for historic preservation. We will keep you updated as this develops.
  • Progress with paving of a road on Khandroling has been completed! Paving of the most difficult parts of the road leading from the parking lot near Mary Lyons birthplace up past the troubling rock outcroppings, and then the part of the road up past the pond near the turn up to the Vajra Hall has all been completed. Other parts of the road have been well packed allowing ease of driving all along the road. This allows all vehicles the possibility of getting the entire way up to the Vajra Hall. Many thanks to Thayer Street and all generous donors for coordinating and making this happen.
  •  Rinpoche's cabin now has a new roof. This was a major undertaking. Many thanks to Community members' generous donations and hard work on this much needed project. Completion of work on the inside walls is anticipated during the next winter months. A beautiful new door, which was donated by a Community member, will be installed as well as a new countertop propane stove. We are also considering the acquisition of a small propane refrigerator, depending upon cost and functionality.

  •    Jeremy, our Geko, with the help of our Secretary Tim, finished blowing insulation into areas of the attic in the Schoolhouse. A dusty and labor intensive job that will result in more energy savings and more warmth and comfort for those living in and those coming to visit the Gar. Thank you, guys!
  •  For those who do not know, our Red Gakyil member, Amanda Pollock, has resigned from the Gakyil. Our other Red Gakyil member, Cindy Thibeau, has decided she will also resign at the end of the year.
  •  If you are interested in learning more about the detailed work of the Gakyil, we invite you to download meeting minutes and read about the many happenings at Tsegyalgar East. Gakyil meeting minutes are available here.
  • The Yellow Gakyil will soon be sending out an end of the year financial report. They will also include and update about membership, and more information about our Tsegyalgar East house at Dzamling Gar. Look for that news in the coming weeks.
Community List Serv Communications
The Tsegyalgar East Blue Gakyil has discussed email communications with the International Dzogchen Community Blue Gakyil. Based on their guidance, and further discussion within our Gakyil, we have developed the following guidelines for email communications moving forward.

Tsegyalgar East has 3 outlets for email communications. Below are guidelines for use of each.
1.      Members Email List: Paying members of Tsegyalgar East are automatically included on this email list. Specific for members, emails sent out on this list will be directly related to Rinpoche’s Teachings, details about Community votes, and announcements specifically for members.
2.      TsegyalgarNet: This email list is intended for persons who have received Direct Introduction from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Announcements will be related to Rinpoche’s schedule and webcasted events, Teaching retreats with Rinpoche, and programs at the Gar related to our Community practices, including Santi Maha Sangha (SMS), Yantra Yoga (YY), Vajra Dance (VD), courses, retreats, and other practice opportunities. There are practitioners in our worldwide international Dzogchen Community that are interested in the activities at Tsegyalgar East. This list is a method for interested practitioners to stay informed.
3.      Tsegyalgar East Facebook Page (closed): Anybody with a Facebook account can request access to this page. You can find the page by typing in Tsegyalgar East in the search bar and requesting to join. Our intention is for any postings related to lodging, items to sell, need for transportation, or other items related to a ‘Classified Ad’ announcement can be included here.

Tsegyalgar East/West Dzamling Gar House
As you are hopefully aware, most of the houses in our beautiful global gar Dzamling Gar are near completion. In 2012, Rinpoche offered each of the regional gars a house within Dzamling Gar so that each gar could offer an accommodation service to their members of our global community.

We are very close to completing the furnishings for our Tsegyalgar East and West houses. They will be available for accommodations to our members during the upcoming retreat season. Accommodation reservations for each Gar are now supervised by "Occupation Managers" who will take care to ensure we provide an accommodation service with clear guidelines that ensure practitioners reserving a space respect the privilege and requirements of residing in Dzamling Gar.

Any interested member of the International Dzogchen Community is invited to apply for a reservation by sending a communication to the Occupation Manager approved by the Gar where they have established membership.

If you wish to make a reservation for Tsegyalgar East / West House, please contact Occupation Managers:

Dominik for TGE 
Giorgio for TGW 

More information will be provided as it becomes available, and the webpage of Dzamling Gar is updated.

Programming Plans for the 2017 Year

It went so well the first time around – we’re doing it again! Our 2ndAnnual Summer Celebration will be held July 17-23, 2017. Sarale Lizdas has accepted the role of Retreat Coordinator. More details will be available in the coming months.

We’ve been working on full calendar of courses and events, to be offered throughout 2017, with our Community Teachers of SMS, YY, and VD. For 2017, we are arranging for a well-coordinated and rich program of courses and practice retreats with our many authorized teachers in each, along with a visit by at least one international teacher in each of SMS, VD, and YY. More details will be announced soon.

As always, our website is up to date with information about Tsegyalgar East programs and activities. Be sure to check it out and keep current on the Gar’s happenings.

We do not have an update yet about the alignment of Tsegyalgar East with the International Dzogchen Community. As soon as we have a new development or news to share about this, we will quickly communicate this to you.

This fall season, election results and all, has been a challenging time for many members of our Community. We are trying hard to collaborate well, continue to relieve tensions, work together in a relaxed way, and understand and work as best we can with Rinpoche’s Teachings and Transmission.

Much love to you in this holiday season.

Tsegyalgar East Gakyil

[all photos by Jacqueline Gens, 2016]

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