Saturday, April 1, 2017

Vince Moore R.I.P. April 1, 2017

Sadly, early this morning our dear friend and Vajra brother Vince Moore
passed away. A few years ago Vince moved to Western Mass. from Yakima
Washington to be near his Vajra kin. Vince had many gifts and skills which
he freely offered to the community and to his family and friends. He was
always available to offer his physical skills on any project and his many
technical land-use planning talents on Khandroling and other community
projects. Vince passed very peacefully surrounded by his six children and
former wife Anita. Many friends from the Dzogchen and Shambala communities
had time with him during his final days offering practice and presence
during his transition. We will miss him.--John La France


I met Vince through the Marders who met him in Tsegyalgar West and the Lumbini project. Vince was an unofficial member of the Vajra Hall/Khandroling  Development team where he used his navigational and design skills to walk the land on various trails and assess choices for future road development. By unofficial I mean incognito with little fuss.

Vince's move to Western Mass was to prepare for his death. More than prepare for death but for a perfect passing. While helping him move a couple of months ago into his final home, a lovely assisted living apartment--I came across a clear plastic bag as I was unpacking marked something like "My Cremation Clothes" --Can't exactly remember the words but inside was what appeared to be a vivid colored caftan. Vince WAS pepared on the outer, inner and secret level. He remains for me a model of how practitioners can be awake rather than in denial about the realities of dying. 

To me Vince manifested as a warrior (In the true Shambhalan sense) whose positive attitude radiated no matter what the adverse circumstances of his many medical conditions. He faced his multiple bouts with cancer fearlessly, with great open heart,  and without shame. I admired his courage in these last months to openly share his conditon rather than withdraw.  We talked dharma, mind essence, sharing in stories of our mutual citizenship in Shambhala and the Dzogchen Community, Like Nary, he brought us together to celebrate life in the midst of sickness. I celebrate your journey Vince wherever you're going. Thanks Vince for your dignity and compassion-Jacqueline Gens


To be continued......

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