Thursday, September 21, 2017

Anasuya Weil publishes B is for Buddha: An Enlightened Alphabet Book

Anasuya Weil - a graduate of the first class of Tibetan Medicine from Shang Shung Institute at Tsegyagar East, is a grandmother of five children, biological mother of three and surrogate parent for at least three others.

She lived in India for two years, a Buddhist practitioner since 1971, and experienced the great fortune to study with many amazing Buddhist teachers and lamas. The teachings of the Buddha have been a refuge and support. Her root Guru is Neem Keroli Baba and his kindness towards all has always been an inspiration. Anasuya currently practices Tibetan medicine in Northampton, MA.

She writes: 

The idea of this book came to me while I was sitting a six week silent retreat. It was intended as a Christmas gift to my grandchildren. Although I have practiced Buddhism since I was 19, for many years I did not call myself Buddhist. It seemed that it was enough to be a good person and I wanted my children to have the freedom to choose their own belief or religion. As I got older I became more open to using that terminology because I follow the Buddhist path and because I wanted my children to have clarity about my own choice. It is certainly not necessary to be a "Buddhist." We all want our children to be happy, healthy, caring human beings that contribute to society and find meaning in their lives. How can we help that happen? 

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