Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Message from Dzamling Gar

Dear Gakyils of our International Dzogchen Community,

We have more information to present to you.The plan for Dzamling Gar has been developed further, as presented during the Inauguration.

There are four phases to the development, and phase 2 includes 5 houses which will be allocated to the pairs of Gars- one for Meri Gars East and West, Kunsan Gars North and South, Tsegyal Gars East and West, Tashi Gars North and South, and Namgyal Gars North and South. 

The method of allocation will be announced  by Rinpoche on November 18th.

The pairs of Gars then have 3 months to decide whether or not they will accept the offer of a house at Dzamling Gar, since they will need to accept responsibility to complete their house ready for occupation in 2 years, which can cost in the region of € 80,000. The completed houses will each have space for a representative of the pairs of Gars to live at Dzamling Gar, and 4 apartments available to rent out to members of the International Dzogchen Community.In this way, the house fulfils several functions simultaneously:
  • it makes a permanent ongoing point of connection between all the Gars;
  • it provides accommodation in Dzamling Gar for IDC members from all over the world;
  • and it also provides income for maintaining itself,
  • and income to benefit the Gars
We know that these are financially challengng times for many people, but we hope very much that all the Gars will feel able to take this opportunity to participate in the development of Dzamling Gar as a truly Global Gar for all to come, relax, enjoy, and in this way realize!
The fundraising committee of the IDC Gakyil is here to help, if you are looking for fundraising strategies to raise the funds for this project - we don't want any Gar to miss out on this wonderful opportunity! 
Please email < >.

We look forward to meeting you later this week,

Ana Sanchez, Michele Salvatore and Sol Cañero
Dzamling Gar Gakyil

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