Friday, November 29, 2013

Report from the Khandroling Development Team by Yuchen Namkhai

(Yuchen Namkhai)

On 11/24/2013 the Khandroling Development Committee met in Rinpoche's house (aka Khandroling farmhouse). Present at the meeting were Vern, John F., Joe, Nari, Sean, Paula, Martina and Jacob, Jerry, Neil, and myself (Yuchen).

Topics of discussion:
1) What functions should the proposed building(s) be built for 
                        2) What architectural style should be used  
3) What can the other 2 potential building lots be used for 
4) Where is the money going to come from
Joe summarized the situation of Khandroling Land; zoning is rural resident and we have sanitary restrictions which imply limited conventional septic access. Rural resident zoning allow resident buildings and it could allow some sort of special assembly dwelling if we audit and justify it to the Board of the Town. But that is a very expensive way to pursue because you need to follow a long list of requirements (security to parking traffic, sanitation, access, etc).

Working with composting toilets will stretch our bedrooms capacity.
Up to now we have the capacity for 3 building lots. One of them is the site Rinpoche appointed for the residential main house (the DCA Living Center) and attached auxiliary structure (Gonpa).

1) Functionality of the building: the main house would work as a living center, a welcoming place for people of any walk of life in which to spend quality time together. Activities in the house would range from: daily chores, food prep, products prep, courses, entertainment, class time, etc.The main house could have 4 bedrooms (1 for the geko and 3 possible rent out), large kitchen-dining area and the connected gonpa area.2) Architectural style would be New England traditional colonial style with attention for low maintenance costs, high energy efficiency and green materials.3) The remaining 2 lots could be either a dorm project/guest house or for people interested in a co-housing life-long lease (as Tashigar south); the only requirement is for people to show up and seriously commit on the project with money and everything (since the community can not take this responsibility at the moment).One project by Dominik Niceva that came to the committee's attention represents the living center as part of a larger Mandala of activities and synergies. Dominik Niceva is also professionally advising for Khandroling cooperative. 4) Where will the money come from? The big issue seems to be the money... we are dealing with a tough situation lately since TSE and TSW just committed with the new building in Dzamlingar. The annual report of 2012-13 activities, profit and loses will give a better picture of the situation to all members.We believe we need to go beyond membership and address financial issues in a more sustainable way.

(Nari, Sean and Martina (Left to right)

We brainstormed a little about Khandroling Cooperative and how that could be the seed for something productive... in 3-4 years we're going to have the first big yields from the berries and honey (Joe estimated something like $50,000), in the meantime we could explore something else that we can grow there, as well as activities that can bring some income to the DCA.

In the meantime we would also like to address what is missing in our DCA and here in Khandroling; how can we generate more commitment to the land, community and activities? How can we improve communication and engagement?

There are still lots of questions we still don't know the answers...


[Photos by Neil Murray]

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John LaFrance said...

I would like to hear more discussion about the planning and development of the gompa on Khandroling. This report seems to give more importance to building a house. I would also like to see more discussion about the interrelationship of planning for the Conway facility with the development of the Khandroling facilities, in short, a strategic plan for the future of Tsegyalgar East facilities and programs.