Monday, March 2, 2015

Town and Country Winter Wonder

This winter the New England northeast has received a negative rep for being unbearably cold with harsh wind conditions, Going beyond such limited points of view, some of our community have documented the landscape with exceptional results. Facebook seems to be the repository of these pictures.
here are a few:

Kathryn O’Connor form NYC captured the East River in photos that convey the romanticism of a cityscape from bygone eras.

[Kathryn o’Connor]

[Kathryn O’Connor]

Sean Quinn from Shelburne Falls often captures photos of local farms on his way to and from work, which he posts on his Facebook page. His photos of Khanrdoling nearby during every season offer vast views via the wide angle lens he often favors when photographing on the land.  You can see many of these on the Khnadroling Facebook Page, which you can join.

Here are a few recent winter scapes of Khandroling  he posted on Facebook the other day:

[Khandroling, Sean Quinn 2/2015]

[Khandroling, Sean Quinn, 2/2015]

[Khandroling, Sean Quinn, 2/2015]

Cape Cod Bay above posted by Tibetan translator, Constance Wilkinson on her Facebook page. The Cape was specially hard hit this winter. Constance has been documenting the various extreme conditions. Below her house:

[Tara Mandala, Pagosa Springs, reprinted from TM Facebook]

If you are a shutter bug yourself send in your own winter wonderland 
photos and we will post them here.

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