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News from Shang Shung Institute USA & International

Shang Shung Institute Presents  Beginning Dharma with Dr. James Valby

June 19th-21st, 2015.
Shang Shung Institute
Tsegyalgar East, 18 Schoolhouse Rd., Conway, MA

Friday Evening, June 19th through Sunday Afternoon, June 21st

Introductory Public Talk: Friday Talk: 7:00 – 8:30 PM ET

Saturday, June 20th and Sunday, June 21st
9:30 AM Registration/ Arrival
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Beginning Dharma with Dr. James Valby

Jim Valby will tailor the course to the attendees. Please come prepared for sitting meditation with loose clothes for sitting and light stretching.

For more information and to register please visit the Shang Shung Website (link above)

Shang Shung Tibetan Medicine School Alumni Participate in the Integrative Tibetan Medical Conference in Barcelona, Spain March 2015

The Integrative Medicine Meeting organised by the Cultural Association of the Dzogchen Community in Spain [Asociación Cultural de la Comunidad Dzogchen de España] and the School of Tibetan Medicine of the Shang Shung Institute is aimed at raising awareness and sharing the results of work undertaken by numerous integrated health professionals – both in Spain and overseas. This field of medicine adopts a holistic approach to the treatment of patients and combines techniques from traditional medicine with allopathic and complementary techniques.
In the first Edition, the conference was focused on the contributions made to the treatment of mental disorders and dementia by allopathic, Chinese, homoeopathic and Tibetan approaches to medicine. Professionals from all areas of medicine – psychiatry, homoeopathy, neurology, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, etc. – took part in the event.
More information:
The upcoming Edition, which will be happening in March 2015, during the days 20, 21 and 22 March, will be aimed at the general audience. It will gather the different medical systems and professionals specialized in the treatment of cancer so that they can dialogue and share their experience on how to deal with it from their different medical visions.

Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine Curriculum
Three-Year Advanced Tibetan Medicine Program
ཤེས་རམ་ཞིབ་འཇུག་སློབ་མ། shes ram zhib 'jug slob ma

[Graduates of the four-year Tibetan Medicine Program, 2012]

The SSI School of Tibetan Medicine, Three-Year Advanced Tibetan Medicine Program (ATMP) follows the curriculum of the shes ram pamaster’s level programs offered in traditional schools in Tibet. The goal of ATMP is to deepen the understanding and knowledge of those graduates of traditional Tibetan medicine programs like the Shang Shung Institute’s Four-Year Tibetan Medicine Programs, and in so doing, provide greater opportunities for professional development and increased understanding of cross-cultural and cross-national medicine modalities.  This continued course of study builds upon the foundation of the Four-Year Tibetan Medicine Programs with its in-depth study of their commentaries and a body of theories and practices found within them.

The ATMP’s curriculum is intended for those who are determined to dedicate their life’s work to Tibetan medicine. It provides them with a rich understanding of Tibetan medicine’s integrative relationship to modern medicine and public health. Participants of the ATMP will extensively research and develop their knowledge in the theory and practice of Tibetan medicine as is relevant to contemporary society.

Candidates who wish to enter the ATMP must take the program’s entrance exam.  Successful completion of either of the SSI’s four-year Tibetan medicine programs, or equivalent, or three years professional experience post-certification from a licensed professional or occupational school, is prerequisite to taking the entrance exam.  Entrance exam dates are typically scheduled between mid July and mid August.

The ATMP is a three-year program consisting of two semesters per year, sixteen weeks per semester.  The first two years (semesters 1-4) are comprised of a hybrid of on-site and on-line learning.  On-site, resident classes assemble five days per week during weeks one through four of each of the first four semesters. During weeks five through sixteen, students engage on the weekend in on-line, distance learning.  The third year consist of on-line classes only.  These classes convene on weekends during weeks one through sixteen of the the final two semesters.

Years one and two of ATMP focus on advanced theory of Tibetan medicine, core-curriculum, comparative studies and the integration of complementary body, energy and mind disciplines which are integral to the advanced TM practitioner’s development.  The third year of classes focus on preparing a dissertation and guiding student’s in research and development.

The ATMP has been recognized by Qinghai University Tibetan Medical College (QUTMC) as being equivalent to its own shes ram pagraduate program. Third-year students of ATMP are permitted to enroll at the most advanced level of the QUTMC graduate program and to receive master degrees from QUTMC upon successful completion of his or her thesis presentation.

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