Wednesday, August 31, 2016

An Appeal from A Member of the Dzogchen Community

Renée and Nita in Bodhgaya last year

Renée Thibodeaux, a member of the Dzogchen Community and her daughter Nita Perez. are among the 280,000 people displaced by the unprecedented flood of August 2016 in Louisiana when many lost their homes, contents and vehicles by this flood.

Renée writes, “I have lost all my practice books that I bought in 2013 including my Tun Book and Mandarava practice book., I have been a paying member of the Gar since 2014 but have been listening to Rinpoche’s webcasts since 2012.

I am a craftswoman and musician. l lost all my instruments and tools for jewelry making. But we learned an important lesson in impermanence of everything and my little one had to learn quickly as she saw her brand new Ibanez Guitar and all our photos of our 8-month India Retreat washed away into floodwaters.

I home school my daughter Nita and have lost all of our education texts as well. Ritual and meditation are part of our curriculum. 

Any help that can be offered by our Dzogchen Community will be deeply appreciated. I have just spent 12 days in a public storm shelter with 3 dogs, snake eggs and my child but we are keeping The View still thanks to the teaching of our precious Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche...

Warmest Regards,
Renée Thibodeaux and Nita Perez.


Renee has a PayPal account set up that we have been accepting love donations is her email for PayPal account.

Ingmar Pema Dechen, a member of the Dzogchen community and extraordinary Visionary artist has offered original paintings for those who donate over $80. O0 

Renée writes—“I'm not sure of what our next step is yet ... We own the land with which we had our mobile home. Today I will take Nita to ballet and singing practice just to keep normalcy in her life. FEMA is paying for one month only in a hotel and I rented a car for one month. My first objective is to find a home that is livable and a car to drive to work.


I have a small weekend flea market booth for the last 17 years. It is a small metaphysical shop called Lotus Love Shop ...

I have some things from Nepal and India for sale from our 8-month retreat last year. Much of my inventory was in my home. The metal jewelry was rusted by the time we got into house after almost a week and my textiles were heavy with moldy floodwater sewerage smell.

However my little shop in another city was spared so I still have the inventory that was in my little store.

I have many bags that I bought from families all around India and Nepal. Some are passport bags that are quite nice and good quality. I am selling those for 20.00 a piece. So if anyone wants to do some online shopping I can ship too. It also helps the families in India and Nepal that I purchase from.”

Thank you for listening to our plight here in Cajun country
Warmest Regards
Renee and Nita

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