Monday, August 22, 2016

Recap of our Summer Celebration on Khandroling

For me, an illuminating aspect of the Summer Celebration was that people came from so many places. Living near Conway, I'd come to think of Tsegyalgar East as the folk I see regularly. Learning that participants were from all over the States - Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Oregon, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada - was eye-opening. I came to recognize our Community as a broader group than I'd known. From all over, we're connecting in our practice of the Dzogchen teachings.

SMS teacher Lynn Newdome

The Stupa at Upper Khandroling

Naomi, Yantra Yoga teacher , leading a session in the Mandala Hall

Shang Shung presentation with Naomi Zeitz, Will Shea and Anasuya Weil

Salima and her daughter, Yangcen, teachers of Khaita Dance

Tim, our secretary; Red gakyil member, Amanda; and 
Yantra Yoga Teacher Naomi with monlam candles

Tuvi and participant

Jeremy our Geko 

Mark, Luke and Francine checking out the Auction items

Marit, Michael, and Efrem

Lunch time Origami Karma Yoga for 2017 paper parade float for Khaita dancers 

with Diane, Nancy and Brenda, Khandroling Paper Cooperative instructor

  Tim Fisher, Tsegyalgar East secretary , photo by Diane Kramer

The Game of Liberation

Longsel symbol in the distance

More to come......

[Photos by Kathleen Fekete. 2016 except where noted]

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