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News from Khandroling Paper Cooperative

In 2016 Khandroling Paper Cooperative presented a  number of workshops and open studios related to papermaking and contemplative arts. To review these past programs in 2016, visit the Khandroling Paper Cooperative Blog. 2017 inaugurates the Year of the Lotus and Khandroling Paper Cooperative's participation in the 250th Anniversary of the town of Conway, MA on June 16, 17, 18, 2017

A link to an article on Khandroling paper Cooperative in the Greenfield Recorder. 

For over 30 years the Dzogchen Community in Conway, MA, which was founded by Tibetan scholar and master Teacher Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has continued to provide a container for his numerous activities in North America including the Shang Shung School of Tibetan Medicine, Asia and the International Dzogchen Community. Additional retreat facilities known as Khandroling are located in the nearby hill town of Buckland. 

Khandroling Paper Cooperative studios are found in the yellow schoolhouse formerly the Old Conway Grammar School, which has scheduled several events for the 250th Anniversary of Conway, meeting with the Town Committee organizing the three-day event in October of 2016.  These events include:

1)  Making a thousand (1008) origami lotuses for a paper float by local residents at our monthly and weekly origami club to be handed out during the parade featuring our Tibetan inspired Khaita dancers. 

2) An exhibit on the theme of the Lotus as a symbol of perfection through our Buddhist affiliation in the historic former Conway Grammar School featuring our artist members and Master Tibetan calligraphers.

3) An alumni reunion breakfast in the old Conway Grammar school for past graduates of the grammar school including the graduates of the Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine—Thus honoring the anniversary’s theme of past, present and future. 

4) The final project dedicated to the Town’s anniversary is the Conway Rags to Paper initiative for which we are seeking funding from HATCH, a local funding agency for the arts

The Khandroling Lotus Blossom project is an international endeavor to help restore the historic schoolhouse in Conway, MA site of so many Dzogchen retreats, the Shang Shung Tibetan Medicine School, and numerous community functions as the first North American Gar founded by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Purchased in 1995, the building continues to provide a base for the Dzogchen Community's practice life, numerous SSI educational programs in Tibetan culture, and courses in Vajra Dance, Yantra Yoga and Khaita Dance. 

The Lotus is an important symbol through out all the Buddhist lineages. We will be exploring the many facets of this precious symbol of enlightened perfection and goodness which we all possess. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.


5-6:30 PM in the Library at 18 Schoolhouse Rd. Conway, MA 01341. Please join us for our Mindfulness of Origami Club with Brenda Lilly, to meet the second Thursday of every month in the Yellow Schoolhouse Library at Tsegyalgar East. This club is free.

Our newest Lotus Origami incarnation created by Brenda Lilly with the famous six-syllables of the Om Mani Pema Hum Hrih (Th jewel in the Lotus) mantra written on the six petals with the HRIH in the center.

Making Lotuses in the library, December, 2016

The building itself has special meaning to the town of Conway, MA as the first multi-class grammar school which was home to generations of children educated there. As a fitting gesture of goodwill , Khandroling Paper Cooperative on behalf of the Dzogchen Community will participate in the 250th Conway Town Anniversary Celebration to be held in 2017  with a Paper Lotus float and the distribution of thousands of handmade paper lotus blossoms. 

Brenda instructing Francine in the making of a small Lotus, Summer 2016

In dreams
they come with out-stretched hands
the color of malachite

giving, magnetizing
palms formed by leaf and wind,
torrential waters--

As they pass to me the lotus bud
grown up from mud
its stainless bloom


Rita Kaiser, Brenda Lilly and Nancy Paris, Summer Celebration on Khandroling, 2016

ART EXHIBIT - JUNE 2017 (BACKFOYER AND HALLS of the Yellow Schoolhouse) : Works related to the Theme of the Lotus and transformation (Title TBA) by KPC Artist members and workshop participants from the Rags to Paper Project (see below) including noted Tibetan calligraphers.

Calligraphy created by Tashi Mannox on Khnadroling Paper

sponsored by Khandroling Paper Members - More TBA bridging together the main theme of the 250th Anniversary consisting of Past, Present, and Future. 

CONWAY RAGS TO PAPER PROJECT - We are seeking funding from a HATCH grant for this unique project to make paper derived from Conway residents’ 100% recycled cotton rags collected from drop off sites in town FROM JANUARY-MAY, 2017.

Cutting the rag into postage size pieces for processing in the "Critter"

The hand-made paper will be the base for writing stories and poems significant to the personal transformative experiences of participants of all ages in relation to the town of Conway, whether of place, historical, personal, or mythic. This event will take place in two workshop segments led by the lead artists consisting of:

Making pulp from cut-up rags in the "Critter" our Hollander Beater


  1) April 29, 2016 An Introduction to the Art of Handmade Paper with lead artist Madeline Liebling who will direct individuals into creating dynamic sheets of paper for their literary works from the Conway Rags.

Making that first piece of paper-- a magical experience

2) May 1, 2017  Literary Workshop with Jacqueline Gens who will introduce writing exercises to stimulate original writing in a variety of forms onto the previously made paper either via, calligraphy, stamping or digital transfer.

A Poetrymind writing group taught by Jacqueline Gens

Artist members of the cooperative will then assemble in Open Studios, the completed works on scrolls, in accordion books and mounted paper mural to exhibit during the three-day celebration in the yellow schoolhouse and/or another venue in town currently being researched (TBA) during June 16, 17, 18, 2017.  Writers may elect to read their works as part of this exhibit during the three-day event.

This project seeks to bring together the transformative power of place, materials and personal evolution over time through the medium of papermaking and storytelling within the context of an important cultural event. Our presence in the historic yellow schoolhouse at the top of the hill will bridge together past, present and future educational and artistic aspirations for those involved in the making and in the viewing of our final works.

We invite local residents to participate in this collectively transformative event. 
For further information contact Jacqueline at

The famous six syllable mantra Om Mani Pema Hum Hrih executed in Tashi's 2014 workshop at Tsegyalgar

Other featured programs for 2017 in development include: 
  • Return of world famous Tibetan calligrapher Tashi Mannox in collaboration with Shang Shung Institute for the weekend of May 6-7, 2017.
  • Children's programs in origami and mask-making
  • Open Studios in beginning and advanced papermaking, printmaking, and origami meet weekly ( Sundays and Tuesdays). Please call to confirm: 413-522-1125
  • Annual three day paper fest on Khandroling 
  • Participation in local fairs and art shows
Best Wishes and Happy New Year!!!

*Poem by Glen Eddy and Jacqueline Gens, 2008

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