Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Review of Buddhahood in This Life/ The Great Commentary by Vimalamitra Translated by Malcolm Smith

Buddhahood in This Life
The Great Commentary by Vimalamitra

Translated by Acharya Malcolm SmithForeward by Chokyi Nyima RinpocheEdited by Michael Tweed and Osa Karen Manell, Wisdom Publications, 2016

Some fifty years ago as many of us were awakening to the profound teachings of the Buddha in our youth, there were few resources to educate oneself in our own native languages – a handful of popular books here and there; then the advent of Asian trained Masters engaging the first generation of Westerners coming into contact with them. They too were often in need of translators to communicate the full transmission as they had received in their training.

Then, don’t forget, there was no Internet, to research and acquire texts from online venues as today. One had to rely solely on the happenstance of finding texts and commentaries in neighborhood bookstores, libraries and academic library holdings. Beginning in 1968 for me, it seemed like following a crumb trail from book to book until I actually met a Teacher–each morsel an eye opening experience keeping the flame of my seeking alive.
Even more rare than commonly rare was an opportunity to meet with the teachings of the Great Perfection we call Dzogchen – either through publications or in person.

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