Monday, August 11, 2014

Moonlight on Khandroling and The Luminous Essence of Clarity

[Photo by Sean Quinn reprinted from his FB page]

Luminous Essence of Clarity

Ema ho!

Oh Samanatabhadra/Samantabhadri from Dharmakaya, manifest the essence 
   that is emptiness
Oh Guhyajnana from Sambhogakaya, show us the unceasing nature that is 
Oh Gomadevi in Nirmanakaya, dance with us on the mandala of energy 
   without interruption
Oh Vajaranis of Svabavikakaya, open our senses in the non-dual state of 
Oh Wisdom Dakinis of the Supreme Kaya, liberate concepts in the all pervasive 
   state of inseparability
We pray to you lead us to the realization of the Vajra

Oh Glorious Master of the three transmissions, who spreads the Longsal Teachings
Oh Dharmaraja Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, you who show the path
    of the Dzogchen teachings
Open the door of our awareness where all vanishes and there is only instant 
Show us the emptiness from which the seed syllable sounds, pervading all, 
    radiating to all dimensions
Bring forth the dakini from the Dharmakaya center of the universe
Show us the rainbow lights glowing in her hand swirling round 
   the secret symbol
Welcome us to the mandala, until every one has reached enlightenment
Manifest our bodhicitta as harmony increases inside and outside
Train us in the elegant precision of mudras with joy and devotion
Help us unify wisdom with commitment, like water and water, stable forever, 
Open our sense to integrate with the perfect mandala of Gomadevi
Empower us with the light of wisdom, swirling in our three places
May it naturally increase and spread in ten directions
Bring thigles of wisdom from enlightened beings to our origin 
Help us to release attachment to our ordinary mind as we start to dance
Take us to the caves within the crystal rock
The teachings are the key that opens the door 
Help us to discover the Actions of Body, Voice, and Mind
The teaching is alive, new, and pure - help us to be present in the precious light

Homage to the vast dimension in which we discover the joyous aspect 
   of our real nature
Where all is always good, where love is not an option, and where rigpa 
   is self-arisen 
Loving kindness does not strive to exercise great compassion, 
   it is great compassion
May the luminous essence of clarity of the teachings arise in us 
   without interruption
Homage to the precious Master, may he and numberless disciples 
   achieve the rainbow body

Composed at Kunselling, July 2011, on retreat of Gomadevi with Enzo Terzano.  Contributions by Enzo Terzano, Judy Allan, Amely Becker, Rita Arqueros, Red Lau-Hardingham, Lol Kane, Stephanie Mulholland, Ruth Sparks, Rose Lewis, Penny Stirling, Nick Segust, Mirjana Brennan, Naomi Levine, Len Sinclair, and Julia Donoho.  Compiled and edited by Julia Donoho.

[Text from the Khandroling Paper Cooperative Festschrift forthcoming]

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