Monday, August 25, 2014

Photos from the Advanced Course of the Song of the Vajra Dance with Prima Mai at the Mandala Hall on Khandroling

The following photos were taken by Kyu Kyuno during the Advanced Course of the Song of Vajra Dance with Prima Mai Jul 21-25, 2014 on Khandroling at the newly inaugurated Mandala Hall and painted Universal Mandala.

Participants came from all over the globe to attend the  Mandala Hall inauguration followed by the Advanced Course with Prima. It was suggested with great enthusiasm that Tsegyalgar East host a yearly summer encampment on Khandroling for the Vajra Dance teachers.

Many Thanks to Kyu Kyuno and Leela Whitcomb-Hewlitt, our dedicated resident Vajra Dance teachers, for devoting themselves 100% to developing local programs. For the latest weekly schedules visit the Tsegyalgar East Weekly Practice Calendar here. For special programs visit the Events Calendar here

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