Friday, February 19, 2016

We're Back!!! Khandroling Farm Co-op Meeting


Bottom LEFT TO RIGHT: Tim, Vladimir, Jeremy, Amanda, Martin, 
2nd ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Bret, Mickayla, Nary
                                               (absent from Photo --Lauri Marder & Jacqueline Gens)                                                                                                                     
On Thursday, February 18, 2016 several Dzogchen Community members from Tsegyalgar East met at Lauri and Brett's Ox and Rabbit B & B  in Shelburne Falls for a pot-luck dinner /meeting to explore reviving the Lower Khandroling Farm Co-op for 2016. Among those present were our gekod, Jeremy Keaton; Community secretary Tim Fisher; Nary Mitchell, an orIginal member of the Farm Co-op; Tim's housemates, Vladimir Zaitsey and Mickyala Dilorenzo; Red Gakyil member Amanda Pollock; SSI Bookstore co-manager, Martin Bobak; SSI secretary, Bret Bourman and Lauri Marder; and Jacqueline Gens, founder of Khandroling Paper Cooperative in 2012 whose idea it was to meet together. 

The purpose of the meeting was to "meet and greet" newer members of the community who have shown interest in the Farm Co-op and to focus on their personal experiences, ideas and skills they have for the revival of the farm on Lower Khandroling. 

To facilitate this Community building process with its emphasis on collaboration and create the necessary infrastructure to run the Farm Co-op efficiently, the group will meet every three weeks for a pot-luck dinner meeting. Anyone interested in attending, please contact the secretary Tim Fisher at

The NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING is Thursday, March 10, 2016  at 6:00 PM

The current assignment is for everyone to bring 1 package of starter seeds to the March 10 meeting. Our agenda will cover a combination of sharing resources, scheduling of necessary activities and priorities, as well as other agenda items introduced by the participants. If anyone is interested in the development of an agricultural cooperative, now is the time to get on board where numerous skills and talents are required, not just an agricultural background. 

By March 10,  Spring will be around the corner. So come join us as we inaugurate a new season. 

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