Sunday, February 28, 2016

The News from Tsegyalgar East & Beyond

Praise for Ayukhandro, a Poem by Barbara Paparazzo Is Published in Leveskundst

Barbara Paparazzo's poem was published in Leveskundst The Art of Living, an Ezine founded by Erik Pema Kunsung and Tara Thrinley Wangmo.


In bed sick, tea cold,
listening to crows,
why haven’t I practiced more?

To continue reading her poem, visit here 

Barbara Paparazzo is a poet and practitioner from Conway, Massachusetts. She has published poetry in numerous literary journals as well as a chapbook about her journey to Bodhgaya, The Red Silk Scarf (Shivastan Press).



Morning Pilgrimage and Evening Ganapuja

We celebrate Ayu Khandro, Traveling Yogini of Kham, from whom our beloved Rinpoche received many precious Teachings, including the complete practice of Yangtig.

We honor her with our practice of Traveling and Ganapuja.

Morning Pilgrimage Schedule
7:15AM Gather together at lower Khandroling for Hot Butter Tea or Hot Water
147 Block of East Buckland Rd.
7:30AM Pilgrimage from Rinpoche's House to Rinpoche's Cabin at Upper Khandroling
8:30AM (or upon arrival)
Light the Butter Lamp
Nine Breathings
Kalongdorjikar (Dance of the 12 A)
Medium Tun with extended Vajra Breathing
Relaxing and Enjoying. Please bring something light to share for breakfast as desired.
10:00AM (or upon completion) Parting
Evening Ganapuja at Tsegyalgar Gonpa
Vajra Dance Tun: 6-7pm
Arrive 7pm for 7:30pm Ganapuja - will be webcast
We will Dance the Song of the Vajra (in Costume)



[First monoprint titled DRUK (Tibetan for Dragon) by Madeline printed on the press ]

Khandroling Paper Cooperative
initiated its first printmaking on the recently acquired kelton etching press. Using carved woodblocks, they made prints of Lotus and AHs as well as monoprints using non-toxic inks. The results were well received by happy members:Tatianna Shannon, Madeline Leibling, Brenda Lilly and Sheryl Jaffe. The next Open Studio workshop is scheduled for Saturday, March 12 to make an edition of Lotus cards for the Khandroling Lotus Project in progress and to create new origami forms with Brenda Lilly.

To stay updated SIGN UP or visit their blog at Http://

[KPC members: Tatianna, Madeline, Brenda, and Sheryl]


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