Monday, March 28, 2016

News About Khandroling Farm Cooperative from Our Geko Jeremy Keaton


The NEXT Farm Coop Meeting is March 31 at the Ox and Rabbit 
(pot-luck as usual circa 6:30 PM)  in Shelburne Falls
to discuss schedules and our mission statement

Hello friends,

This is Jeremy Keaton, reporting live from... a computer. I created this email list on MailChimp with the primary intention of providing updates on what is going on at the farm. You are receiving this message because I added you manually, based on the email chain for the task list Nary and I created. If you would like to be removed, there is an unsubscribe button. If you know someone who would like to be added, let me know!

Specifically the reason I created the list is to update on what we did on the task list, suggestions on the next priorities, and to try to coordinate the next day to perform these tasks. I plan on sending one of these updates out after each day we spend at the farm so that we can keep this thing moving that we are doing. I'll keep do this as long as it is still useful in some way. This is a test....

RECAP: Monday, March 14th Cleanup Day 

[Lower Khandroling Farm shed photo by Jeremy Keaton]

About 4 of us met on Monday to do a little of what we discussed at the meeting on March 10th. We made quite a lot of progress cleaning up the red shed and part of the barn. There were about 8 bags of trash or so as a result. We found many things useful for the co-op, including materials we can use and tools. The shed is much more manageable now. Thank you to all who helped out!

Since the soil is not workable yet, my suggestion is that we continue what we were doing. I think we can clean out and organize the garage, move any tools from the garage to the red shed and any engine fluid or vehicle maintenance materials into the garage. It would be nice to build some shelves with all this extra wood we have and organize the tools and materials in the red shed with labels (hammers, screwdrivers, etc... for example). Farming is hard work. An organized storage and work space will make it a little bit smoother.

As we discussed at the meeting, the ATV path needs repaired. This is necessary for legal reasons and for maintaining an ATV path connection between Upper and Lower Khandroling, for transporting tools, materials, people, etc. I walked the path a few days ago and there are a few problematic stretches where water drainage has eroded the tracks to the point that it isn't drivable even with the Gator. This is a relatively easy thing to patch up with old, pre-milled, cut wood which we have quite a pile of on Upper Khandroling.

Also as we discussed, we can repair the Greenhouse. It is an easy fix and won't take long. Once we have the Greenhouse functional, we can start seeds.

Nary was creating a pond at the bottom of a stream behind the house with sandbags so we can pump water for irrigation. We can finish that project, which includes placing the sandbags strategically and scooping out the silt which will be used at the hugelkultur bed at the Schoolhouse, which Nary had planted food into last year and has been preparing for this year.

Nary suggests that we also need to thin out the raspberries. Lots of weeding will be needed all over the farm, especially once the soil becomes more workable.

When to meet

Personally, the best days for me to meet are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays generally, depending on what kind of Gekoing is needed. I would like to make a suggestion that we plan to meet for the next work day where many of us can meet, and/or alternatively, I can meet with someone if you schedule a time with me. As warmer weather approaches, I plan on being on Upper and Lower Khandroling as much as possible, focusing energy there on the farm and major work to be done on the cabins. If you would like to set up an individual time to meet with me, email me at and I will do my best.

I will be keeping future updates and scheduling emails much more succinct and simple. Please launch any suggestions or criticisms at me about this email list idea.

Be well,

Jeremy Keaton

[Photos courtesy of Jeremy Keaton, 2016]

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