Friday, March 11, 2016


Greetings Friends,

Many people may know that while Rinpoche was doing retreat in his cabin on Khandroling in 1989 and 1990 in particular, he had some of the dreams of the Vajra Dance. In the description of his dreams, he calls the cabin "The Fortress of the Dakinis".

This past week on Khandroling, 5 trees were removed that were growing closest to The Fortress of the Dakinis (AKA Rinpoche's Cabin). The purpose is to help extend the life of the cabin, to help to keep it dry and to protect from the potential of falling trees. This is the first big step towards planned repairs on the cabin for this year, which includes replacing the long time leaking roof with a new roof, replacing water and ant damaged structural beams, repairing and replacing siding on the front of the cabin, power washing the stairs and ramp and sealing them, fixing the doors, replacing the propane cook stove, replacing the large windows in the front, and other much needed work.

This plan also includes the removal of a grove of pine trees to the right of the Guardian Cabin. In 2014, one of the pine trees fell within a couple feet of the stairs to the Guardian cabin, and in a recent particularly strong storm, a large portion of another pine tree almost hit the rear side of the cabin. Also included in the plan is the finishing and stabilization of the Togal cabin. As announced in a previous blog post, some attempts were made to help further stabilize the cabin in 2015, and some wood finish was applied to the inside of the cabin. As a more long term plan, some trees to the east and the west of the Togal cabin are to be removed so the practice can be done in the cabin, but this would leave the cabin even more vulnerable to wind gusts. To help remedy this imbalance, the plan is to build a porch on 2 or 3 sides of the cabin, affix the foundation of the porch into the mountain properly, and then attach the porch to the cabin itself. Other work includes installing the chimney properly so the woodstove can be used for heating, building a firewood storage shed, powerwashing and caulking the siding, and installing a laminate floor.

As usual, these projects will be done using all the materials we already have stored, which reduces the total cost in the end. For example, we have nearly all the roofing material we need already.

We will also need lots of helpful Karma Yoga participants and volunteers to help with the cleanup phases and the smaller tasks. Please contact me, Jeremy Keaton, if you are interested.

The total cost estimate of all of the above mentioned work is $17,840. We need all the help we can get, in any capacity, to make this happen. Donations are appreciated and will help to make the major work possible, as well as anyone who would like to help in a physical sense.Donations can be sent through PayPal to If you choose this method of payment, please write in the comment box what the donation is for. I suggest writing something like "Maintenance of Rinpoche's cabin, Togal cabin and tree work". Alternatively, if you would like to send a check, please write on the check or along with the check what the donation is for, and send to:

Dzogchen Community in America
PO BOX 479
Conway, MA 01341

Make checks payable to DCA.

"Each individual's contributions are like the many drops that make an ocean, because if you want to do something you must have collaboration from the whole group and then everything becomes very easy." ~ Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

NEWS UPDATE....Urgent: 

Nested in magnificent natural habitat, exposed to the elements our Khandroling Retreat Cabins have slowly deteriorated to the point where need of IMMEDIATE REPAIRS.

You can contribute through this link:

Please share with the international community members, in all other Gars and Lings around the world, or at your local Gar or Ling!"

Be well my friends,
Jeremy Keaton
Tsegyalgar East Geko

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