Saturday, October 8, 2016

IMPORTANT: Karma Yoga Schedule for Khandroling Winter Preparation

Photo by Paula Barry

Sarale Lizdas has generously offered, as usual, her willingness and efforts to organize karma yoga weekends to help our Geko prepare Khandroling for winter (yes, it is really coming). There is also possibility to stay in the dormitory in exchange for karma yoga if you are coming from farther away. We can also include some practice collectively in the weekend.

Please see below for activities and dates.
Fall weather is here and there is much to do on Khandroling to prepare the land for winter. I have been speaking with Jeremy, and as a way to support him and finish up the projects for the season, I am organizing 3 karma yoga weekends for Oct, once the road is paved. Nary used to help with many of these activities, so now our Gekod needs some extra support and hands on the ground. What a great opportunity to come together as a community and help each other out!

Anyone is welcome and everyone has something to contribute.

These are the weekend dates:

Sat - Sun Oct 15 & 16
Sat - Sun Oct 22 & 23
Sat - Sun Oct 29 & 30

Getting the roof of Rinpoche's cabin finished is the priority, if anyone can help in any capacity with that project it would be much appreciated. I will coordinate other workers for other tasks so Jeremy can focus on the roof.

Other activities include: Packing up pond kitchen, taking down screened in kitchen tent, putting tools away, walking around land to collect tools, tidying up Vajra Hall for the winter, putting away prayer flag poles, chopping wood, and more! If you are unable to help with the more physical jobs maybe you could use a car to transport things back to schoolhouse or lower khandroling, collect money and cook food for workers, make coffee, make a fire in the fire pit or maybe someone has another idea.

Steve Landsberg driven to Rinpoche's cabin by Sarale in the AV

Please send all inquires to Sarale instead of Jeremy, via email:

Thanks everyone!


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