Saturday, October 1, 2016

EVOLUTION CREATIONS BY CHÖGYAL NAMKHAI NORBU for the New Gönpa of Dzamling Gar NOW Offered directly from Tsegyalgar East

Rinpoche’s words about Evolution Creations:

“As you know, we need to build a Gönpa here. It is very expensive in a real sense. We need to make money. Sometimes I am asking all of you to participate and make an offering. And when I ask people that, everybody is participating. It is really wonderful. Even if you have no way to make anything but a small offering, no matter how small it is, it is very, very important to participate, and for centuries and centuries your name will remain in this Gönpa.
For my own part, what I can do myself is to make something like necklaces, and this is what I have been doing lately. As you see they are always selling. But I am not just making necklaces, bracelets, and key chains. They are also for protection, because I empower them with mantras and with the supreme protection, which is contemplation. I also add precious stones with the five colors to harmonize and coordinate the five elements that we all have. If there is more of one color, like yellow or green, it means I concentrated more on the protection of Wözer Chenma or Green Tara, for example. And you should know that the protection cords I make for cars or motorcycles can also be used to protect your house or in any other way to protect you from negativities.”


With the Jewels empowered during the Drubchen of Mandarava 
for the New Gönpa of Dzamling Gar

The Jewels Empowered by Rinpoche during the Drubchen of Mandarava on February 2016 at Dzamling Gar are available now--From the 26th of September to the 16th of October at 9 PM (USA Time)
Enjoy the Jewels at:

"The Jewels empowered by the Drubchen of Mandarava can be very good to you for having protection of all negativities and manifesting of all prosperities. Tashi Delegs." (Chogyal Namkhai Norbu)
Rinpoche offers us His wonderful jewels as a fundraising opportunity for the New Gonpa of Dzamling Gar, giving all of us an chance to participate and enjoy.

We have the possibility to offer for the jewels, writing our name and amount offered on the website with no minimum or maximum limit. We can offer as much as we wish and as many times as we want. The one who offers the highest amount by the end of the 3 weeks of the ¨Evolution Creations by CHNN with the Drubchen Jewels from Tsegyalgar East", ending on Friday the 16th of October at 9 PM (USA Time), will take the jewels home. 

Participate on EVOLUTION CREATIONS BY CHOGYAL NAMKHAI NORBU and be part of the history of our Dzogchen Community.  Your participation represents an active building block for our Future Gonpa of Dzamling Gar!!!

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