Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Road IS Happening/Thanks to your Support

Here at Tsegyalgar East most of us living nearby are rarely idle. Between Khandroling and the Yellow Schoolhouse numerous events take place each week. 

One of the major fundraisers/projects this year at Tsegyalgar East was to support the paving of the road at Upper Khandroling from the Mary Lyons Parking Lot to the top of the hill. Not only will this allow visitors and participants to have direct access to the Vajra Hall that houses the Universal mandala but also allow heavy equipment to have greater access to maintain our infrastructure. 

The heavy equipment is now at work as you can see here---It's Happening!

Dump truck unloading gravel for pavement sub-grade

Many Thanks to the donors who made this important project happen but we still need additional funds to develop upper Khandroling further--from a well to composting toilets in the cabins. Please contact for further information or to make your restricted donation.

New paving on road looking up from the gate in the parking lot

PHOTOS by Joe Zurylo, 2016

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