Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recent News from Khandroling Paper Cooperative

A couple of weeks ago Naomi Zeitz and I attended a three hour workshop on pulp painting at Dieu Donne paper mill in NYC as part of our Khandroling Paper Cooperative venture. We are always seeking to improve our craft.  Here are a few examples of our work from the workshop which was mailed to us after drying.

11 X 14 pulp painting on Abaca using a classic mould, pressed in a hydraulic press, then restraint dried. Naomi Zeitz

Although you can't see it here, the abaca is tissue thin and very translucent. This work is destined for our upcoming show

 11 x 14 cotton papers with stenciled pulp painting using a classic mould, pressed in a hydraulic press, then restraint dried. Naomi Zeitz

We made a stencil of a Tibetan cloud which
worked well here. Naomi Zeitz. Cloud stencil by Jacqueline Gens

Here is my experiment joining two pieces 11 x 14 cotton paper to make a long scroll. I then experimented with a brush to paint calligraphic gestures with the pigmented pulp. When the paper tore with the use of a brush, I simply patched crudely with cotton pulp pulled out of the vat that  pressed out evenly. Jacqueline Gens

During the workshop we viewed Dieu Donne's archive of works on paper. We love pulp painting and hope to continue with our experiments using handmade stencils and pigmented pulps to add to newly made wet pieces of paper. Naomi is especially gifted at coloring her pulps. Here  she is taking notes from our instructor at Dieu Donne.

One of the main projects we are currently developing is to make paper for handmade boxes to hold crystal wands.  Each box will be made with paper infused with sacred substances we have collected. Thanks to a generous donor we have many fine crystals to use for this project.

Here are some of our expermimental prototypes made by Margherita during our Janaury workshop.

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