Friday, February 1, 2013

Khandroling Development Plans for Spring 2013

During 2012, several individuals met on a regular basis  to discuss the potential for developing an agricultural cooperative on lower Khandroling, formerly a small working farm typical of the region. This spring the "Coop" team plans on initiating the following pilot projects to inaugurate the project:
  • Putting in 2 beehives for honey production
  • 2 small test plots: 
Flax to be used for fibers in the paper making project
Barley to be used in conjunction with the honey to make Chudlen
  • Planting fruit trees ( 30 to 50 depending on cost) up on the high part of the west side field
  • The coop had the soil tested at the southern field; we will buy and plow in the necessary organic materials to make it suitable for planting vegetables
  • Another mushroom plot, using the logs from the new road

 Photo credit Jacqueline Gens, Nary inoculating logs on upper Khandroling with mushroom spores

Members of the team currently include, Yuchen Namkhai, Paula Barry, Joe Zurylo, Nary Mitchill, Sebastian Ratti, Jacqueline Gens, and Leela Hewitt-Whitcomb. Earlier a working draft of a proposal was created in collaboration with Yuchen Namkhai that will evolve as pilot projects manifest in 2013. In the meantime, individual members of the team are actively researching local permaculture and landscape design resources in the area as well as enrolling in classes on beekeeping. 


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