Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friends & Neighbors: Our Next Door Neighbor to Khandroling "The Colonel" died on July 9, 2013

(Roy,"the Colonel") W. Provost Jr., Lt. Col., USA (ret.), eighty-seven years of age, died on July 9th at his home in Holyoke after a prolonged decline in his health. His wife Madeleine was at his side. "The Colonel" as we called him was our nearest next door neighbor to upper Khandroling. Over the years he proved a good friend and advocate for our community. Many former Gekos of the Dzogchen Communtiy spoke highly of him. A military man, "The Colonel" bought his land called "Buckland Woods" in 1981 upon retirement developing it into a gorgeous complex of multi-use structures. Our new road connecting lower Khandroling to upper exits across from his pond. 

To read the full obituary of his life,  click here

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