Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our "Dam Trog" Sister Organization Tara Mandala Launches Machig Publications and Receives $60,000 Grant for its Library and Translation

Tara Mandala Launches Machig Publications with"Luminous Moonlight:The Life of Do Dasal Wangmo"

On July 2, 2013 Tara Mandala is launching a publishing company entitled Machig Publications with their first book, "Luminous Moonlight: The Life of Do Dasal Wangmo" translated by Sarah Schneider, with an extensive introduction by Lama Tsultrim Allione. We are pleased to announce the publication of this first book, which is a biography of the great-granddaughter of Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje (1800-1866), the tertön (treasure revealer), of the Dzinpa Rangdröl cycle of teachings, which is the focus of the seven-year Gateway program being initiated this week at Tara Mandala.

Do Dasal Wangmo is a well known Tibetan physician and the last of the family lineage holders. She is a reincarnation of Do Khyentse's sister L
ösal Drolma, who was the Dharma heir for the extraordinary cycle of teachings called Dzinpa Rangdröl. In 2010 Lama Tsultrim, facilitated by Sang-ngag Rinpoche and Alec Zenkar Rinpoche, had the great fortune to meet Do Dasal Wangmo who was 83 years old at the time, in Dartsedo where Do Khyentse resided. Sarah Schneider was present as translator and began the translation at that time. The book includes photos of Dasal Wangmo, the lamas around her, the retreat huts and monasteries of Do Khyentse, as well as lineage paintings and rare lineage photos.

Beth Lee Herbert also worked on the book, editing and creating the glossary. Beth also worked on the book design with Linda Baer, who has kindly lent the considerable expertise she gained 
 in typesetting and book and cover design during her years of creating beautiful books for Padma Publishing,. 
The intention of Machig Publications is to support Tara Mandala Sangha and other practitioners of Buddhism in publishing relevant and otherwise unavailable books and translations. Several other books are currently in development. We welcome distributions ideas and reviews. To purchase a copy, click here

At the suggestion of Chögyal Namkhai NorbuTara Mandala is creating a formal relationship with his organization Dzogchen Community called "Dam Trog" which means Samaya Fellowship, where the organizations function independently but have a close association and transmission ties and exchanges of teachers and teachings. Further announcements and articles forthcoming in the Mirror.

NEWS FLASH From Tara Mandala! With much gratitude Tara Mandala announced that they have received a seed grant of $60,000 for the initial phases of their library and translation. They just received news of this generous gift which will make it possible to start their library and translation projects. Their plan is to create a repository for the Buddhism wisdom literature with a focus on Tibetan texts with storage for ancient texts as well as a digital library, and hard copy English books. There are also plans in place for a resident translator and librarian. The second floor of the temple has remained open waiting for the library to appear, now this next step will be initiated, bringing the Sambhogakaya level of 'sacred speech' in the temple into action. Blessings abound. [Reprinted from TM Facebook]

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