Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sowing Seeds of the Future

Sowing Seeds of the Future

This weekend at Lower Khandroling, 160 East Buckland Road, we will be planting 200 blueberry bushes, all are welcome to spend a  day on the farm and help with this project, and help we need. 

The field has been prepared by the coop team of Yuchen, Nari, and Joe and is ready for planting. This is truly a sustainability project since each bush has the potential of producing $100 worth of Berries which will go towards the expenses of Khandroling. Within three or four years we plan on planting 1000 bushes along with raspberries, blackberries and some other exotic stuff that only Nari knows about. So come and get hot and dirty with us and play farmer for the day, guaranteed to sleep well that night. For further information visit, Khandroling Coop website.

Joe Zurylo of the Coop Team

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