Saturday, July 6, 2013

Khandroling Coop News

7/2/2013 Breaking News: we got our first swarm!

Today at noon, unexpectedly, we had a bee swarm flying from one of the two hives (probably Mars) into the open field.

Initially -and sadly- we thought the bees were just gone for good and that they wouldn’t make it through the winter. To read more and Nari's exciting capture of the swarm, visit the Khandroling Coop Website.

Lots happening this weekend on the Lower Khandroling Farm!

During the long 4th of July week end we’re planning to do some activities:
1. prep the Highbush Blueberries patch’s soil
2. keep working in the garden
3. seeding the clover field
4. housing the recently swarmed bee colony (Mercury)

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