Wednesday, January 22, 2014

News from Khandroling Paper Cooperative

While in search for a permanent home, for now Khandroling Paper Cooperative will winter over in Turners Falls, MASS where KPC members will host monthly open studios for the next few months. 

Once a thriving industrial town specializing in paper making, we were heartened to see the 19th century 
paper mill logo matched our own KPC logo (see stack above)--an auspicious and inviting coincidence. This summer in 2014 we will return to our outdoor fun demonstrations and at least a couple of workshops at the yellow schoolhouse or on Khandroling.  Turners Falls is an artist friendly town not far from our Community centers. 


Following Prima Mai's message to the International Dzogchen community in support of the Khandroling Paper Cooperative's FESTSCHRIFT project as part of our 30th Anniversary celebration and Mandala Inauguration on Khandroling, we received many excellent submissions.  Please continue to send jpegs of your art work and word documents of your poems, prose, writings. Just email to  including a small biography along with your attachments. It's quite simple. Limit 1-2 pages per person. However, if you need more pages, let us know how many and we can discuss if there is room. If you are writing in your native language, please include an English language translation so Rinpoche can read your offering. We've received some amazing images and poems. Please join the dance and continue to send in work for this worthy project.  


Papermaking is not everyone's idea of meaningful and fun activity (messy, wet, cold). If you've tried it and fallen in love with it or love handmade papers, we invite you to participate in a Three-day Master Workshop this summer (July 2014) with our main instructor Sheryl Jaffe especially designed for international community members who are interested in permaculture and the arts and/or wish to acquire knowledge how to start their own paper cooperative using the native plants of their region as well as recycling papers and rags. Here at Tsegyalgar East, we are interested in using recycled sacred texts and substances in our line of calligraphy papers. But one can develop numerous other products. PAPERMAKING is an outstanding activity for many special populations and is  universally present in many cultures. Sheryl has collected samples from all over the world that she uses in her classes with us. DATES TBA DURING THE SUMMER EVENTS in July 2014. This would be nice even for kids or people just wanting to make some paper but we wanted to also offer it as a professional development for community members. There is no cost for this workshop. If interested please let us know.

The Tibetan people used handmade paper in a variety ways including block printing of texts, door way mantras, edible mantras and for an amazing array of calligraphic fonts for written compositions. Many great masters often execute sacred mantras and seed syllables as a secondary cause for liberation through seeing. Here at Khandroling Paper Cooperative we like to celebrate the Tibetan culture of paper arts and calligraphy. One of our unique qualities is that we recycle sacred texts into paper used for sacred purposes, thus strengthening our intention. 


This year we are happy to have master artist and calligrapher Tashi Mannox join us at the Shang Shung Institute in a co-sponsored event with Khandroling Paper Cooperative to introduce us to the art of Tibetan Calligraphy. We invite you to join us April 4,5,6 in Conway MA for his workshop. He is also scheduled to give a lecture/demonstration at the Rubin Museum on April 2 as part of their exhibit on Tibetan medicine. Visit Khandroling Paper Cooperative here for a full description of the workshop and link to Tashi's amazing biography. Visit his website here


[our Dragon Song ink, Turkey feather quill and tiny scroll with KPC chop]

Last my not least, we've made our first batch of handmade black walnut ink (thanks to Diane Sievers and her sister). We've asked a young Zen practitioner Erin Riorden, at Tassajara Zen to test it out in one of  her marvelous ink washes.
KPC member, Margherita in Toronto will design the labels.

We are calling this batch of ink "Dragon Song" after Zen master's Dogon's famous sutra, which Erin sent to us. 

WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS for 2014--Coming soon as we finalize some dates. 
Visit our main blog at for further information and contacts. 

[our beloved critter making pulp]

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