Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Message from the Khandroling Farm Coop Team

It’s that time of year with planting season happening through out the Pioneer Valley. 

The coop team would like to inform and invite all community members
to participate in the Khandroling community garden. 

The garden area has been harrowed and furrowed and is ready for planting.  The soil has been amended with lime to neutralize the Ph and with sand to loosen up the clay. 

[Joe spreading sand and lime]

The greenhouse is full of veggie starts and the field is beckoning for some company.  so if you’re interested in growing some organic food for freezing or canning now is the time to come and get dirty.

[Ready to plant!!!]

Paula, Jesse & Nari are coordinating the community garden and already started all the seeds. They can be reached by email (http://khandrolingcoop.com/?page_id=34) or call 413-625-6522.

We usually work on Sundays, starting at noon. Week days people come according to their availability.

Looking forward to your participation,
Khandroling Cooperative Team

[photos by Yuchen Namkhai]

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