Monday, May 5, 2014

More Pictures on Khandroling by Yuchen Namkhai

Although we are well into Spring this time of year, poet T.S. Eliot’s famous line comes to mind -- “April is the cruelest month”  so much promise yet so much disappointment weather wise. Well, at least the birds are happy each morning singing their little heads off with the sunrise while at sunset the peepers, that symphony of frogs, heralds in the new season. 

Here at Khnadroling, it appears that rain or shine, a few hearty ones are out in the field undertaking the enormous project of beautification-- generally--Joe and Nary, Yuchen (taking photos) and David; Sean and Ruben probably on week-ends; most likely others too.

Thank You, Thank You workers and also all you donors out there who make it happen. It’s the perfect collaboration of liquid gold in the form of energy partnering with the solid gold of the green stuff. Together we can do great things. Happy Spring to all!


Below Joe and Nary installing the Khandroling map and entrance sign designed by the late Kathy McGrane

Nary below standing next to the sign

Another sign describing the forestry project 

Logs for milling wood

David Hayes and Nary (below) looks like they are milling logs into boards that will be used in building the new Gompa/Khandroling Living Center

Photos by Yuchen Namkhai

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