Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fundraising Coordinator/Facilitator/Director Wanted for Tsegyalgar East

The Yellow Gakyil currently has some ideas for Fundraising for the Community: Lottery, Silent Auction, Brief Auction at the Retreat Nite-Get-Together, ..... Direct Donations for: Ganapujas, Beautification of Khandroling, Community House Gompa...... but we have no Coordinator/Facilitator/Director

We have offers of a number of items of high identity value down to small items that could be set up and sold fbo the Community during the retreat, kind of a DCA Store or EBAY  idea.

We need  dedicated soul(s) to organize it, set it up and run it, before and after the retreat and stick with it as a task. If people want to help here is a nice, big one that will serve the community well.

If you are interested or want to participate, contact the Tsegyalgar East gakyil at gakyil@tsegyalgar.org

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