Thursday, May 15, 2014

Harvey Kaiser to Perform with Evelyn Harris and June Millington, Saturday, July 12, 2014

NY Performer, Harvey Kaiser and his Band KC Four & More Blues and Jazz Band will join local performers Evelyn Harris and June Millington for an outstanding evening of entertainment on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 7:00 PM in the Mohawk School Auditorium

Biography of Harvey Kaiser

Began to play the saxophone in 1956; Played blues & r&r in high school (1960-64) liked O.Coleman. Heard Ben Webster in 1964 & decided to play the tenor saxophone. Taught reading @ IS88 NYC & studied w/ Joe Henderson; Met Dexter Gordon in Copenhagen in 1970 & thanked him; Met Sonny Stitt in NYC in 1975, thanked him, and played for him until he passed ( see Downbeat: Caught in The Act Feb '75 ) Met Bobby Johnson Jr. in 1978 and worked with him until his passing June '01. Co-founded the Kansas City Sound in 1995 with Bill Crow and included all my friends: Ed Diehl, Gene Randolph, Marvin B. Smith, Taro Okamoto,Ray Mosca, Joel Bishop O'Brien , Billy Alfred, Mike Kull, Marty Napoleon, Roswell Rudd, Eddie Bert,Fred Jacobs, Fred Smith, Bobby Johnson Jr,Ron Finck, Hugh Brodie,Walter Booker, Allen Murphy,Matt Finck,Larry Packer,Kitt Potter,Glenda Davenport,Rita Kaiser,Josh Schneider,Gary Sloane,Rob Blumenthal,Tootsie Bean,Larry Moses,Dennis Makrell,Ira Coleman,Thurman Barker, Bubba Brooks,Cameron Brown. ( That's a lot of friends who like to swing !) Some have passed on ; the music keeps living on. It's visited by greatness. Current sub-set is called “The KC Four & More”.

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