Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Interview with Lynn Newdome on Santi Maha Sangha

[Lynn receiving her diploma from Choegyal Namkhai Norbu, 
February 2015]

§     How has SMS Training enhanced your personal practice?

Santi Maha Sangha Training has given direction to my practice and introduced me to new types of meditation; I appreciate its balance of study and meditation.

§     What made you decide to take the Teachers’ examination?

Recognizing that my personal “realization” was limited, I felt it would be more helpful to share what I’ve learned (from the teachings) with others.

§     What was the actual exam like for you?

It was quite intimidating: we each had 10 minutes to speak on a topic chosen on the spot from Rinpoche. Basically, this meant we would “teach” about two pages in detail from The Precious Vase (300 pages). I didn’t realize how much composure I’d pulled together until after I finished the exam and felt my lips totally trembling!

§     Is there any particular area of the Base Teachings that you feel a special affinity for?

I’m motivated by the vivid imagery of the ancient verse, such as “Human life lasts as long as a lightning flash,” and “(reflecting on the impermanence of this life) one must seek…the essence with the same fervor as someone whose head has caught fire.”

§     It’s said that Teaching  is the transcendent aspect of generosity--how do you envision your role as a SMS teacher in the Dzogchen Community?

I see myself more as a Dzogchen student who can share and explain what I’ve learned. I’d like to set up an ongoing class of The Precious Vase at Tsegyalgar East, for people interested in study and practice of the Base Teachings.

Lynn Newdome has been a member of the Dzogchen Community for 15 years, completing SMS practices through Level III, but with little to show for it!   Prior to that, for 25 years she studied and practiced the 9 yanas from the Tibetan Mahamudra approach.

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