Thursday, February 12, 2015

UPDATED Tibetan Divination Soup and other Activities for Losar at Tsegyalgar East

UPDATED Full Losar Schedule at Tsegyalgar East

Wednesday, February 18th
4:30 pm Learn to make Divination soup and assist Yeshe-la and Phuntsog-la if you like
6:00 pm Divination soup! Please RSVP to by 

Monday, Feb 16 at 12 pm
 if you are planning to attend so we know how many dumplings to make.
7:00 pm Vajra Dance Tun
8:00 pm New Moon Ganapuja

Thursday, February 19th - Losar: Wood Sheep year
7:00 am Long Life Practice
8:00 am Breakfast
5:00 pm Pot luck dinner and Bagchen

Saturday, February 21st
9:00 am Lungta raising
We could use a couple of strong volunteers in particular to help set up ladders and hang flags. 

Please join us for Divination Soup on Wednesday,  Feb 18 at 6 pm at the Schoolhouse. This is a Tibetan tradition celebrated at Losar. Everyone receives a dumpling with a message for the new year. 

Here are some of the symbols of divination soup as told to us by Dr Phuntsog Wangmo several years ago. For example, if there is a piece of wool in your dumpling, it means that one is calm, soft and smooth. If there is a bone, it means that one is very strong. Chili pepper means that one has intense energy and speech, sometime harsh. There are many  more interesting divinations!

If you want to learn how to make divination soup and help Yeshela and Phuntsogla make the soup, come to the Schoolhouse at 4:30 pm Wed Feb 18

Please RSVP to by Monday, Feb 16 at 12 pm if you are planning to attend so we know how many dumplings to make.

LUNGTA - A Message from our Geko at Tsegyalgar East

We have initiated the process of creating lungta for Losar in the Gonpa. We already have roughly 50 sets printed, mostly from previous years. All the necessary equipment and supplies are available in the Gonpa. If you would like to print some more flags, contact me at geko@tsegyalgar.organd I will forward your message to the relevant contact who can get the matching fabric to bring to the schoolhouse.

Everyone is welcome to participate. Someone can help with pinning and sewing lungta onto the clothesline cords. Some people are coming this weekend to help out. Saturday is Dakini Day Ganapuja, so perhaps we all coordinate our schedules to create lungta on this auspicious day for the benefit of all. You can also come anytime that works for you between now and Losar, but try to be aware of the Tsegyalgar East calendar. The Tibetan Medicine students will be doing Yantra Yoga each evening with Paula 5:00pm-6:30pm. She told me she does not mind if people make lungta during this time, but to please be a little quiet. 

OTHER LOSAR activities for the Wood Sheep Year will be posted as the schedule evolves

Hope to see some of you in person.........

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