Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Cooperative Business on Traditional Tibetan Medicine Launched

Dear Community,
It is with great pleasure to announce that on October 1st we will be launching a new cooperative business on Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Yantra Yoga named Sowa. Three graduates of the Shang Shung Tibetan Medicine program (Matthew Schmookler, Leela Whitcomb-Hewitt, and Adam Okerblom) are working together to create a professional web resource using standard business and marketing practices to promote our individual and collective services. 
In recognition for the need to greatly increase the exposure of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and related wellness practices such as Yantra Yoga, one of the main features of the site is a blog focused on offering simple and practical health tips based in an easy-to-digest, modern style for the general public. 
The intention of our business model is to follow Rinpoche’s years of advice on creating work cooperatives for the mutual benefit of Community member’s livelihood and the greater Community’s prosperity. To that end, our plans have been initiated in coordination with the International Shang Shung Foundation and Dzogchen Community with the intention to have an official affiliation with both sometime down the road. 
We would like to invite you to sign-up for our newsletter pre-launch at and receive our free PDF on Tibetan Medicine constitutional dietary guidelines. If you feel so inclined, please also spread the news of our coming launch and invite others to sign-up for our newsletter. You can also follow Sowa on our social networks at the buttons below. 
We look forward to being of service,
Matthew Schmookler, on behalf of the Sowa Team

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