Thursday, September 10, 2015

Updates from the Tsegyalgar East Gakyil

Dear Vajra Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from the Gakyil!
We wanted to update about what's been happening since our retreat with Rinpoche in July.

During our meeting with Rinpoche in July, he emphasized that we need to be self- sustaining without relying completely on income from teachings or membership. This launched an opportunity to review our expenses and to brainstorm about ways to sustain our community and properties over time. We are in the process of developing an overall plan that will address these topics.

The Summer Programs at Khandroling were very successful- there were 3 Vajra Dance courses, a Yantra Yoga intensive and a Karma Yoga/Goma Devi Practice retreat. Many people worked very hard on Khandroling to make these courses happen and also to improve conditions at Khandroling. The Gakyil is deeply grateful for the hard work of participants.

There are many exciting programs coming up in September, October and November. Be sure to visit the website for more details.

We are calling a Community Meeting for Saturday Oct 3 at 6 PM to vote on the new Gakyil and to approve the budget for the upcoming year. More information will be upcoming about the meeting. There is still time to let us know of your interest to join the Gakyil- just send a letter of intention and something about your qualifications.

The IDC affiliation is still in process, although we are close to an agreement for voting. More information will be available at the Community meeting.

See the minutes from our August meeting for a full report of our activities.

Please email the Blue Gakyil with your comments and questions.

With Love,
The Tsegyalgar East Gakyil

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