Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Latest News from Near and Far

Interview with Mariano Gil of NYC’s Kundroling
in the Mirror

Mariano Gil was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 27th, 1961. He grew up in an artistic and musical family. He started formal music education at age 15 at the National Conservatory of Music. After High School he enrolled in Medical School graduating in 1986. He was planning to become a psychoanalyst, when after receiving a scholarship to Berklee College of Music move to Boston to study music. At that point he started practicing meditation in the Theravada tradition, studying with Larry Rosenberg and Narayan Liebenson at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center and retreat centers. While studying music at Berklee he worked as music instructor, and got some assignments as an illustrator based on his musician’s portraits. In 1993 he met Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and has been a student since. He took his Santi Maha Sangha Base exam in 1995 and in 2015 became an Santi Maha Sangha Base instructor. Mariano continues to write and perform music in the NY area, shows his paintings and started his first weekly SMS courses in Kundrolling, NYC. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his son Sebastian, who plays trumpet. --Reprinted from the Mirror. To continue reading, go here. 

Farewell to our Beloved Mella-Reiss Family who are Moving to Hawaii
 A Community Dinner hosted by Efrem and Marit Marder 
and Paula Barry was offered 

More to come......

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