Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shang Shung School of Tibetan Medicine Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Shang Shung School of Tibetan Medicine celebrated its 10th Anniversary in the gonpa of the yellow schoolhouse at Tsegyalgar East on Sunday, September 21, 2015. Last year in 2014, also marked the 20th Anniversary of the inauguration of the Shang Shung Institute in October, 1994.

An article in the Greenfield Recorder featured the event.

Participants included: alumni of the Four Year and KuNye programs; invited guests from the Town of Conway; current students in the four-year online and residential programs in session; members of the Dzogchen Community and the extended family of local donors and supporters. Jigmey Sonam Yhesur, Nyima Youdon Namseling, Sangjieban, Tsepak Tsepak, Tsering Youdon - all Tibetan doctors were present to receive certificates in KuNye Therapy from the school. 

Several presentations were made prior to a sumptuous Tibetan meal. Will Shea, longtime board member of the Shang Shung Institute spoke eloquently of the school’s evolution likening the process to one of “David and Goliath” with David being the Tibetan Medicine programs created by Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo and ”Goliath” everything out there in terms of challenges. 

Dr. Anasuya Weil, an alumna of the four-year program spoke about the importance of ATMA in establishing credibility for Tibetan Medicine in the West. Drew McGlathery, a physician’s assistant currently in the four-year online program and student liaison to the Board gave a compelling account of how he came to recognize the efficacy of Tibetan Medicine. One of the most delightful moments was when Tom Hutcheson, Conway Town Administrator. spoke of the healing presence of the school for the town and how not many people really knew the scope of Shang Shung’s activities-- a matter being corrected with more outreach to the local community. A celebratory letter from Dr. Yandron Kelsang was read. Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo, founder of the Tibetan Medicine School, spoke of the acheivments of the graduates of the four-year program and the continuity of education the School of Tibetan Medicine will offer such as the new three-year Graduate program in Tibetan Medicine. 

[Current four-year students, staff and alumni attending]
[Momos, of course]

{The kids in a fortress of webkins}

Photo credits: Jacqueline Gens, 2015

Other News from Shang Shung Institute

The Dewa Fund is a newly organized Fund of the Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine. The Tibetan word Dewa means Happiness, Bliss or Comfort, and the name of the Fund reflects the function of Tibetan Medicine, to help people enjoy longer and healthier lives so that they can benefit their families, communities, and the larger world.

As we look to the future we ask for your help to ensure that the rich cultural heritage of providing Dewa through Tibetan Medicine is protected and continues to flourish. Through the Dewa Fund, you can support the continuing instruction of Tibetan Medicine, the development of the professional field, and the strategic growth of the School. We are asking all who value this ancient treasure to please join us and contribute to support Tibetan Medicine. Give the gift of long life and safeguard Tibetan Medicine by donating to the Dewa Fund.

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