Saturday, May 21, 2016

This Month of May Donate for our Tsegyalgar E/W House at Dzamling Gar

The following article about raising funds for furnishing the Tsegyalgar East/West House in Dzamling Gar can be can be read in the Mirror online

[Rosa, Rinpoche and Monica visiting the Tsegyalgar model apartment, reprinted from the Mirror]

Per Rinpoche's instruction we are aiming to complete furnishing all apartments by the end of this month. (..hurry!!) 

Now you can help furnish our TE house in Tenerife and make our 2 apartments usable for upcoming retreat with Rinpoche!! (and if ready, use it) 

On completion of furnishing our apartments they will then be available for rent at a cost of $55 per night. These rental monies will be then applied towards our Dzamling Gar House costs. 

If you'd like to participate and make a monetary donation, it is very simple: 

Check Our Wishlist - see what we need (furniture selected by our Architect) 
Make a Pledge - write your name next to items you wish to donate for 
Donate Now - (PayPal) - send your online payment

 [dzamling gar / tsegyalgar east/west used as model house]

You can also send a check to: * Please clearly state purpose of check - 

DCA (Dzogchen Community in America)

PO Box 479, 18 Schoolhouse Rd, 
Conway Ma, 01341 - USA

For more details on making a donation 
you can write to the Yellow Gakyil 

Thank you all for your 
generosity and participation.

Tsegyalgar East Gakyil 
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