Friday, May 13, 2016

Update on our Recent Community-Wide Meeting and Dates for Viewing the Provost Property

About thirty members of the local Dzogchen Community met on Wednesday evening, May 11 in the yellow schoolhouse gompa to discuss the availability of the Provost property on Barnes Road on the southern border of the Upper Khandroling property. Another four individuals attended via live Skype.  In 2013, we noted the passing of our good neighbor Mr. Roy Provost hereThe property consists of 60 acres with a relatively new house, 2 car garage with a studio, 2 cabins, a sugar house and a pond asking price 375K.

The meeting began with Joe Zurylo outlining the details of the property upon hearing from the Provost family who contacted him about the property before putting it on the market. Following his presentation, there was a Q and A regarding many details such as road access, property boundaries, septic system, zoning, winter plowing, condition etc. Afterwards, everyone present expressed their personal visions, comments, misgivings and consideration for the purchase and its financing. There is still much to explore here. If you are interested, please take part in the viewing listed below and the next scheduled meeting. 

Many thanks to Jeremy for facilitating the Skype communication, Tim for taking minutes and  Amanda for running such a fine meeting. Well Done!!!! 

This weekend we are being given the opportunity to view this property: 

Saturday May 14 at 1:00PM - John Foster will introduce.

Sunday May 15 at 1:00PM - Vern Harrington will introduce.

There will be another meeting to follow up .

Wednesday, May 18th at 7:30PM in the Schoolhouse

{photos by Jacqueline Gens}

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