Sunday, May 22, 2016

Some Happenings Around Tsegyalgar East

Over the past year Librarian/Archivist at Tsegyalgar East, Marit Cranmer, embarked on a mission not only to refurbish the library environment at Tsegyalgar East but initiate a number of key projects to enhance its use. 

The library is now host to an ever growing selection of contemporary books on Tibetan Buddhism and culture, teaching texts on Tibetan language, and a repository of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu's audio and video Teachings for over 30 years. Eventually there will be a listening station for digital recordings of Rinpoche's retreats.

These days the Library when not occupied by the Tibetan Medicine program is a great place for reading and studying. Here you will find a broad selection of  Santi Maha Sangha reference books on reserve put together by Lynn Newdome for her year-long course on the SMS base text, The Precious Vase by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. These include a treasure trove of original sources quoted in the text such as Patrul Rinpoche's commentary on Shentideva's classic Bodhisattvacaryavatara and Jigme Lingpa's, Stairway to Liberation among others. Key works by Longchenpa and Mipham Rinpoche and many contemporary publications such as Joseph Goldstein's Mindfulness commentary on the Sati Patthanna Sutta commonly known as The Four Foundation of Mindfulness, considered a key for beginning meditation in the Buddhist tradition, are also available. Great works by contemporary Tibetan masters fill the shelves from all the lineages. 


In preparation for the Khaita dancers participation in the 10th Annual International dance parade in NYC, Lauri Marder is working to provide newly designed costumes for both male and female dancers. A tremendous effort went into the designs and execution of these costumes down to every detail. We look forward to seeing the final results in the performance.

Another hand-crafted item for the upcoming parade is Amanda Pollock's clever Lotus Mobile to house the sound system needed to project the music for the parade. 


Khandroling Paper Cooperative  met on Sunday, May 15 for a day-long workshop dedicated to Tibetan drawing as part of an ongoing series focusing on the elements. Sunday's class worked with the various manifestations of Flames taught by Dara Juels using home videos of her Tibetan husband, Yangjur who trained in Tibetan arts. 

[Brenda, Paul, Sheryl and Dara  watching the video]

[Flames used in butter sculptures on Torma]

[Madeleine at work]

Brenda Lilly brought in a new Lotus origami example she created to accommodate the the Mani mantra with six petals (instead of eight in our previous template) and the final HRIH inserted in the center. 

Khandroling Paper Cooperative welcomes new members Paul Lewis from Pittsfied, MA and Kichung Lizee aka "K" from Shelburne Falls (who will teach two Calligraphy workshops in the Fall).  

[K's calligraphy for MU, seed syllable for  emptiness]

Visit the Khandroling Paper Cooperative blog for the full 2016 WORKSHOP Schedule and OPEN STUDIO dates, here.

[Paul, K, Brenda, and Sheryl happy artists]

Photos by Amanda Pollock, Dara Juels, and Jacqueline Gens

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