Friday, September 30, 2016

Let's Help this Tibetan Kid Out/ An Appeal from ASIA

Sonam is a young student recently graduated from high school. He was born in a village and just left it to begin one of the most important project of his life: to undertake the university to become a translator into Tibetan language.

Sonam is a very careful guy: he placed third among the best students in the Hainan High School and in this way he was able to apply for Central University for Nationalities.

He has experienced a tough life story: he has lost his father at 7 years old and his mother got married a second time but she was unable to look after him. He has been living with his grandma who is very old and can not afford to pay for his studies.

Funds for his first months at the University have been collected by the inhabitants of his village - which softened by Sonam’ story and proud to have such a brilliant student among them - wanted to give at least the beginning of this experience.

There is an obstacle to his future: he has no one else relative but his grandma who can not afford to pay for his studies.

Together we can give some help to Sonam and students from high schools and universities as well. ASIA give the opportunity to young Tibetan students to continue and conclude their own studies through scholarships.

Let’s give him a chance.

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