Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Message from the Tsegyalgar East Gakyil about Renewing Membership for 2017

Dear Tsegyalgar East Members,

On behalf of the TSEGYALGAR East Gakyil and in the spirit of the coming Losar,
we want to thank you all for last year’s  Membership.

Our 2017 MEMBERSHIP Registration is Now Open

Renew 2017 / or become a Member at

Our Membership is one of the fundamental commitment toward Rinpoche and his Dzogchen Teachings and represents Tsegyalgar's lifeblood allowing us to sustain his Teachings in North America. 

A certain portion of everyone’s Membership fee helps cover our annual operating expenses, as well as the cost of organizing programs and the creation and hosting of a whole schedule of events.

You Membership also supports maintaining our Community properties and helps toward developing our Global Dzogchen Center in Dzamling Gar. 

We are asking you to PLEASE renew your Membership today, 
as we are in a budget tightening period. 

2017 membership tiers are adapted as issued by the International Gakyil: 

            • Ordinary: $260 / $21 monthly
            • Global Sustaining: $550 /$45 monthly
            • Global Meritorious: $1650 / $137 monthly

Whenever possible please make full membership payment -
The monthly installment payment are meant to help those of you in financial hardship. 
For Special Case Memberships for those in extreme financial hardship, please apply to the Yellow Gakyil. 

All Members have access to our Retreat Cabins, Dzamling Gar House, Restricted Webcast and  replays, access to restricted files and FREE download of Mirror Newsletter. 

 To renew tour membership visit:

Soon you will be sent a request to sign up to attend an online Webex session for the presentation of our new 5-Year Strategic Plan. We are looking for members to give feedback and to collaborate in many community projects. Please sign up.

With Many Thanks and Gratitude, 

Tsegyalgar East Gakyil

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